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How to create HTML Sitemap tabular for blogger

      A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. There are two popular versions of a site map. An XML Sitemap is a structured format that a user doesn't need to see, but it tells the search engine about the pages in your site, their relative importance to each other, and how often they are updated. HTML sitemaps are designed for the user to help them find content on the page, and don't need to include each and every subpage. This helps visitors and search engine bots find pages on the site.

         This guide will help you create a sitemap of type 2 (HTML sitemap - tablet sitemap), see image below (or see the sitemap of this blog):

    To create a sitemap for your blogger, you do the following:
         - Step 1: Login blogger >> Select a blog to generate sitemap >> Pages >> New page >> Blank page. This new page is named sitemap (Read more at here).

         - Step 2: Click on Edit HTML, Copy the script below and paste it in the post area (Select All >> Ctrl +C).

    Note:  Replace the blogUrl: "" in script with  the url of your blog.

    You can further customize the sitemap in the following code:

         You can also view articles How to create XML sitemap for blogger at here.

How to submit your Sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tools

    This is one of most essential and basic way of increasing your blog's Submitting a sitemap to search engines bot will make your blog index faster and will appear in there searches faster.Google and Bing are the most popularly known Search Engines today. So increase your blog's traffic your blog must appear in the search engines. To do so you have to submit your sitemap to these search engines so that they can crawl your blog.

      There are 2 kinds Sitemap, XML sitemap and HTML sitemap:
     XML is a document structure and encoding standard used, amongst many other things, as the standard for webcrawlers to find and parse sitemaps. There is an example of an XML sitemap below (missing link to site). The instructions to the sitemap are given to the crawler bot by a Robots Text file, an example of this is also given below. Site maps can improve search engine optimization of a site by making sure that all the pages can be found. This is especially important if a site uses a dynamic access to content such as Adobe Flash or JavaScript menus that do not include HTML links. You can also view articles How to create XML sitemap for blogger at here.

      The HTML Sitemap is an easy way to supply your users with a snapshot of the structure of your website and allows for them to successfully navigate quickly through your website. HTML Sitemaps also help build up "Internal Linking" throughout your entire website. You can also view articles How to create HTML sitemap for blogger at here.

     To submit your Sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Bing Webmaster Tools, you will use XML sitemap.

     Steps to submit your Sitemap to Google:

          - Go to Google Webmaster Tools.
          - Click on your Blog which sitemap you want to submit.
          - Now, click on Optimization in the left panel.
          - Click on the Sitemap Option.
          - New Page will appear.
          - Then, click on Add/Test Sitemap in the right.
          - Now add your sitemaps link there and click Submit sitemap.

    It's done. Your sitemap has been submitted to Google Bot and is ready to crawl.

      Steps to submit your sitemap to Bing:

          - Go to Bing Webmaster Tools.
          - Select your site which sitemap has to be submitted.
          - Scroll a bit down there will be a Sitemap section.
          - Then click on Submit Sitemap.
          - And paste your sitemaps link there.
          - Now, click on Submit.

     It's Done. Your sitemap has been submitted to Bing Bot and is ready to crawl.

      Steps to submit your sitemap to Yahoo:

        - Create an XML Sitemap. You can create an XML sitemap for blogger at here or for website at here

          - Login to your Yahoo! account and go to Yahoo! Site Explorer.
          - Add your site to Yahoo! by filling in your URL and clicking on Add My Site. Be sure to validate that you are the owner. You need to validate the site in order to submit a sitemap.
          - Click on your site URL and then on the feeds link in the right column.
          - Type in the URL of your sitemap, and leave the drop-down as "Web Site Feed". Click Add Feed.
     Yahoo! will check the sitemap and begin indexing your site as soon as it's determined the sitemap has no errors.

Thank you to visit my blog, Wish you success!

How to create XML Sitemap for blogger

      A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. There are two popular versions of a site map. An XML Sitemap is a structured format that a user doesn't need to see, but it tells the search engine about the pages in your site, their relative importance to each other, and how often they are updated. HTML sitemaps are designed for the user to help them find content on the page, and don't need to include each and every subpage. This helps visitors and search engine bots find pages on the site.

     XML is a document structure and encoding standard used, amongst many other things, as the standard for webcrawlers to find and parse sitemaps. There is an example of an XML sitemap below (missing link to site). The instructions to the sitemap are given to the crawler bot by a Robots Text file, an example of this is also given below. Site maps can improve search engine optimization of a site by making sure that all the pages can be found. This is especially important if a site uses a dynamic access to content such as Adobe Flash or JavaScript menus that do not include HTML links.

     This guide will help you create a sitemap of type 1 (XML sitemap) for blogger, You can also view articles How to create HTML sitemap at here.

      To create XML sitemap for blogger,  you do the following:

      Step 1: site for you to generate a sitemap for your blog. Click on the page, you fill my blog and click on the Generate Sitemap.

       Step 2: After you generate the sitemap is complete, you copy all the results have been.

       Step 3: Go to Blogger Account  >> Settings >> Search Preferences >> Crawlers and indexing >> Select Edit in place Custom robots.txt >> Click Yes >> Paste all things copied in Step 2 into >> Save changes.

           - This is my sitemap links after they are created:

          -  How to submit your Sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools? Please click here!

Types of Feed link in blogger

     In order to subscribe to a blog's feed you need to know the blog's feed URL. A feed is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. Content distributors syndicate a web feed, thereby allowing users to subscribe to it. It gives users a way to keep up with many sites on the web without having to visit each site individually to see if they have updated. Some users use their feed to check that their own blog is publishing correctly.

    Feed Link commonly used in blogger:

1. Full Feed link blog:

2. Feed link to a particular article:

   Note:  postID is the ID of the article, for example 7573941276534580739.

3. Feed link for the comments of the blog:

4. Feed link of all comments of a particular post:

5. Feed link for a comment of a particular post:

      Among them:

- BlogID the ID of your blog, for example 1393242412345517651
- PostID the ID of the article, for example 7573941276534580739

- CommentID the ID of the comment of the article, for example, 811995252289147435

How to create contact page for blogger and website

  This guide will help you create a contact form in the format shown below (or see my other blogger):

    How to create contact page for blogger and website?
        To create contact page for blogger and website, you use applications to support from site your own contact form in just a few seconds. Of course, it is for free and it includes integrated anti-spam capabilities. You do the following:

       Step 1: Please specify which fields are required. These required fields must be filled out by the user or the form will not be submitted.

         Step 2: Fine-tune the form to best fit your personal website design.

        Step 3: Enter your e-mail address when requested to contact, it will be automatically sent to your email. Enter the security code and then click Create formular.

       Step 4: You will receive your contact form code, Copy the adjacent HTML code block and then paste this code into your website-blog.

           - For bloggers, you can create a separate contact page, please click here
           - You can refer to the contact form code which I have explained above:

        Replace id=429382&sec_hash= a652c868f7d corresponding to your email address

How to check google pagerank for website and blog

     PageRank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page. It's one of many factors used to determine which pages appear in search results.

    How Important Is PageRank?
    PageRank is one of many factors that determines where your web page appears in search result ranking, but if all other factors are equal, PageRank can have significant impact on your Google rankings. 

    How Can I See PageRank?

     PageRank is measured on a scale of one to ten and assigned to individual pages within a website, not the entire website. To find the PageRank of a page, use Very few pages have a PageRank of 10, especially as the number of pages on the Internet increases.

   Enter your link to the page, and click the Check PR:

     Enter the anti-bot code, then click verify now, this is the result:

      At the time of article submission, blog PR is 0, the cause is due to the new blog was built and more importantly I don't backlink building for it

     How Can I Increase My PageRank?

      If you'd like to increase your PageRank, you need to have "back-links," or other people linking to your website. You can trade links with other people, but make sure you only trade relevant links, and make sure you're not trading links with a link farm. You can register your website with directories, but use directories with high PageRank whenever possible.
     As you build web pages within your website, you can create some of your own back-links by linking to relevant pages within your own website. This is a technique you may notice on this website. However, remember that the number of links you create counts into the equation. Don't overdo it.
      The best way to increase your PageRank is to have quality content that other people want to link.

How to increase fast traffic for Website / Blog

       To increase fast traffic for Website / Blog, you should use the services of exchange visits

      What is HitLeap?

       - HitLeap is a Traffic Exchange, also known as an autohits service It helps you increase your website hits, rankings (alexa, google) and more. Affiliate program of Hitleap gives cash and traffic commissions of up to 50%.

     How does it work?

     After signing up, you will submit all the websites you want to send traffic to. Then you will earn free traffic by viewing other people's websites. Alternatively, you could buy a traffic package from it.

    Click on the banner below to register:

Best Traffic Exchange

   - Fill out the registration form and then click SIGN UP

      - Login system and add your site.

      Note: you can change the duration of each client and the access of visitors per hour (3)
      - Click Traffic Exchange to start up traffic for Website / Blog, you can also introduce additional members to the commission. Read more List autosurf site, helps to increase page views and increase rank with IP true

How to Backup/Restore Template in new blogger interface

     To Backup/Restore Template in new blogger interface, you do the following:
    - Go to Blogger Account

    - Select Template [as shown in fig.]

    - Click on the Button Backup/Restore  in Left top .

    - A box appears [as shown in fig.]

    - As shown in the above fig.

    + Click on Download Full Template to download Template.Save it

    + Click on the Browse to Restore the early downloaded Template

How to Create a Sitemap in Blogspot

    Sitemaps are particularly needed by blog visitors to make it easy to explore our blog page. To create a sitemap is as follows:

   Step1: Create a blank page:
      - Dashboard> Pages> New page> Blank page and name as you like (for example: Sitemap)

   Step 2: Click on Edit HTML, Copy the script below and paste it in the post area

   - Replace the "" in script with  the url of your blog.
   - Note, you can further customize this page, see picture:

    Step 3When finished click the PublishView Page, Sitemap already visible in the Blog page.

    Here is the results:

     I wish you success, Thank you for visiting this blog!

Download Template Blogger Free

Lots of templates to choose from with download link mediafire

- Travel style template Download

- Mobile style template Download

- Speed game template Download

- Christmas template Download


Full download at here

How to recovery blogspot from backup file ?

   Our previous post was about how to backup your blogger blog. Backup and recovery are two main components of any blog or website. A good blogger is that who also give equal importance to backup and recovery of blog along with other blogging aspects. In this post we will explain how to restore your previously created backup to recover your blogger blog.
   Note: You must regularly backup your blog for its safety and to prevent data loss.

Recover your blog from backup file:

  • Open your blogger dashboard.
  • Select your blog which you want to recover.
  • Open Settings option.
  • Click on Other option.
  • Find Blog tools option.
  • Under Blog tools option Click on import blog.
  • A new screen will appear.
  • Click on Browse button and select your previously saved backup file.
  • Fill the words shown in the image in a given box and click on Import blogoption.
  • All your blog posts will be imported from the backup file to your blog.

  After the whole recovery process  all your posts which are saved into backup file will be restored to your blog. Always Remember that if you have a backup file created for your blog then you can recover your blog from serious damage or even after complete deletion , So I am again saying that backup your blog regularly.

How to create ads fixed both sides on blogspot without editing templates

      This guide will help you add 2 ads fixed both sides on blogspot without editing templates. To do this, you do the following instructions:
    Step 1: You go to "Layout" -> Add a Gadget -> HTML / Javascript and paste the following code into the whole

        Step 2: Replace the following code with your ad code:


         Step 3: Save the gadget and view the results. I wish you success!

How To Create a Drop Down Menu For Blogspot ?

    A drop down menu is needed when you have too much content on your blog or you want to keep things organized. So this articles is for those who don't know how to create a Drop Down Menu. To add a drop down menu to your blogger blogs follow these steps:

The steps are as follows:
    1: Go To Blogger > Design > Page Elements
     2: Select a HTML/JavaScript Widget just under the header and paste the following code         inside it, 


      Replace # with your Page Links and the bolded text with relevant page names. The yellow highlighted code is responsible for the drop down menu. You can copy and paste it under any tab you want just before </li>
     To add another tab just paste this code above </ul>

3.   Now Go to Design > Edit HTML
4.   Backup your template and search for ,

5.   Just above it paste the code below,

Make these changes:
  • Change #060505 to change background color of the Main menu
  • Change  the yellow highlighted text to change font color, size and family
  • Change #BF0100 to change the background of a tab on mouse hover
  • Change #BF0100 to change the background color of the drop down menu
  • Change #060505 to change the background color of drop down menu on mouse hover
  • 6:    Save your template and you are done!

How to create backup for blogspot ? is a free to use service by Google. Therefore, people often create too many blogs under the same account. This makes hell lot difficult for you to manually take backups of each and every site separately. Doing the same thing again and again might annoy us all. Fortunately, every problem has its solution and thanks to Google Takeout that helps us to download the backup of all blogs under a certain Blogger account. In this article, we will show you How to Backup Data of Your All Blogger Blog with just one Click. 
       First go to and Login to your Google or Gmail Account. After logging in to your account, it will take you to a new page here you will see a list of services that you have used through your Google account. 
      From the list select of services select “Blogger” and it will take you to a new page which would derive the data of your site from your account and would also calculate its total size.
     Once its finishes the calculation, Select the “Create Archive” button at the bottom of the page and proceed to the next step. (Remember: you can also back up a single site by using the configuration tab). 

        Now, a new wizard would take place, it will again calculate the date of your all blogs and would generate a Database for you so you can download it with just once click. Usually it takes few seconds to complete but if the size and the numbers of your blogs are more massive than it would take a while to generate. 
        Once the progress bar reaches 100 you can press the Download button to download the whole database of your all blogs. (The finest thing about this service is that it compresses the data tremendously that a 1GB file reduces to just 300MB).
      After downloading the database successfully, you can unpack the files which would reveal the backups of your all blogs arranged in an alphabetical order. Seems like, mission accomplished! 

How to create sliding banner ads along 2 sides for blogspot

      You have 1 blog and would like to advertise on my blog. Today I will show you how to create sliding banner ads along 2 sides for blogspot.

      Step 1: You are logged in to Blogger, select Layout. In the Layout page, click Add in the widget sidebar gadget, a new window pops up select HTML / Javascript.
      Step 2: Paste the following code in:

       Step 3: Replace, LINK BANNER 1 and LINK BANNER 2 as you finally click Save to finish.

Create popup ad appears 1 time / 1 day / 1 IP for blogspot

     Popup Ad will sometimes make your blog readers uncomfortable, but the following tips will help you create pop-up ads to appear only 1 time / 1 day / 1 IP, and hopefully will help you both ad effective, does not irritate your readers.

    To setup this tool, you do the following instructions:
      Step 1 : Go to Dashboard > TemplateEdit HTML
      Step 2 : Find <body>, replaced by 1 in 2 the code below (Select All and Ctrl +C):



       Step 3: Replace the URL you want to open ad in Popup.

Create button "Back to Top" for blogspot with effect from jQuery

      The site content is quite long button "Back to Top" will help readers save time when mouse over the top right of the page. The code below uses jQuery sliding effects, especially when it is hidden necessary.

    To setup this tool, you do the following instructions:
      Step 1 : Go to Dashboard > TemplateEdit HTML
      Step 2 : Copy the code below (Select All and Ctrl +C), paste it in Edit HTML. (before the </body>)


       Step 3 : Save Template and view you blog.

 I wish you success!

Table color code for bloggers/webmaster

    Blogspot is now also provide quite adequate for the color to your decor, but it is not enough for you, right? The following color codes for your pleasure spoiled decorate your blog.


Color & NameR-G-B EquivalentHexadecimal #
GhostWhite248 248 255#F8F8FF
WhiteSmoke245 245 245#F5F5F5
Gainsboro220 220 220#DCDCDC
White255 255 255#FFFFFF
Black0 0 0#000000
DimGray105 105 105#696969
LightGray211 211 211#D3D3D3
Gray190 190 190#BEBEBE
Gray1128 28 28#1C1C1C
Gray2154 54 54#363636
Gray3179 79 79#4F4F4F
Gray41105 105 105#696969
Gray51130 130 130#828282
Gray61156 156 156#9C9C9C
Gray71181 181 181#B5B5B5
Gray81207 207 207#CFCFCF
Gray91232 232 232#E8E8E8
DarkGray169 169 169#A9A9A9
LightSlateGray119 136 153#778899
SlateGray112 128 144#708090
SlateGray1198 226 255#C6E2FF
SlateGray2185 211 238#B9D3EE
SlateGray3159 182 205#9FB6CD
SlateGray4108 123 139#6C7B8B
DarkSlateGray47 79 79#2F4F4F
DarkSlateGray1151 255 255#97FFFF
DarkSlateGray2141 238 238#8DEEEE
DarkSlateGray3121 205 205#79CDCD
DarkSlateGray482 139 139#528B8B
PaleGoldenrod238 232 170#EEE8AA
FloralWhite255 250 240#FFFAF0
LightGoldenrodYellow250 250 210#FAFAD2
SaddleBrown139 69 19#8B4513
Sienna160 82 45#A0522D
OldLace253 245 230#FDF5E6
Linen250 240 230#FAF0E6
PapayaWhip255 239 213#FFEFD5
BlanchedAlmond255 235 205#FFEBCD
Moccasin255 228 181#FFE4B5
Peru205 133 63#CD853F
Beige245 245 220#F5F5DC
SandyBrown244 164 96#F4A460
Snow1255 250 250#FFFAFA
Snow2238 233 233#EEE9E9
Snow3205 201 201#CDC9C9
Snow4139 137 137#8B8989
Seashell1255 245 238#FFF5EE
Seashell2238 229 222#EEE5DE
Seashell3205 197 191#CDC5BF
Seashell4139 134 130#8B8682
AntiqueWhite250 235 215#FAEBD7
AntiqueWhite1255 239 219#FFEFDB
AntiqueWhite2238 223 204#EEDFCC
AntiqueWhite3205 192 176#CDC0B0
AntiqueWhite4139 131 120#8B8378
Bisque1255 228 196#FFE4C4
Bisque2238 213 183#EED5B7
Bisque3205 183 158#CDB79E
Bisque4139 125 107#8B7D6B
PeachPuff1255 218 185#FFDAB9
PeachPuff2238 203 173#EECBAD
PeachPuff3205 175 149#CDAF95
PeachPuff4139 119 101#8B7765
NavajoWhite1255 222 173#FFDEAD
NavajoWhite2238 207 161#EECFA1
NavajoWhite3205 179 139#CDB38B
NavajoWhite4139 121 94#8B795E
LemonChiffon1255 250 205#FFFACD
LemonChiffon2238 233 191#EEE9BF
LemonChiffon3205 201 165#CDC9A5
LemonChiffon4139 137 112#8B8970
Cornsilk1255 248 220#FFF8DC
Cornsilk2238 232 205#EEE8CD
Cornsilk3205 200 177#CDC8B1
Cornsilk4139 136 120#8B8878
Ivory1255 255 240#FFFFF0
Ivory2238 238 224#EEEEE0
Ivory3205 205 193#CDCDC1
Ivory4139 139 131#8B8B83
MintCream245 255 250#F5FFFA
Honeydew1240 255 240#F0FFF0
Honeydew2224 238 224#E0EEE0
Honeydew3193 205 193#C1CDC1
Honeydew4131 139 131#838B83
LavenderBlush1255 240 245#FFF0F5
LavenderBlush2238 224 229#EEE0E5
LavenderBlush3205 193 197#CDC1C5
LavenderBlush4139 131 134#8B8386
Lavender230 230 250#E6E6FA
MistyRose1255 228 225#FFE4E1
MistyRose2238 213 210#EED5D2
MistyRose3205 183 181#CDB7B5
MistyRose4139 125 123#8B7D7B
Azure1240 255 255#F0FFFF
Azure2224 238 238#E0EEEE
Azure3193 205 205#C1CDCD
Azure4131 139 139#838B8B
AliceBlue240 248 255#F0F8FF
LightSlateBlue132 112 255#8470FF
MediumSlateBlue123 104 238#7B68EE
SlateBlue106 90 205#6A5ACD
SlateBlue1131 111 255#836FFF
SlateBlue2122 103 238#7A67EE
SlateBlue3105 89 205#6959CD
SlateBlue471 60 139#473C8B
DarkSlateBlue72 61 139#483D8B
RoyalBlue65 105 225#4169E1
RoyalBlue172 118 255#4876FF
RoyalBlue267 110 238#436EEE
RoyalBlue358 95 205#3A5FCD
RoyalBlue439 64 139#27408B
Blue10 0 255#0000FF
Blue20 0 238#0000EE
DarkBlue0 0 139#00008B
NavyBlue0 0 128#000080
MidnightBlue25 25 112#191970
CornflowerBlue100 149 237#6495ED
MediumBlue0 0 205#0000CD
PowderBlue176 224 230#B0E0E6
DodgerBlue130 144 255#1E90FF
DodgerBlue228 134 238#1C86EE
DodgerBlue324 116 205#1874CD
DodgerBlue416 78 139#104E8B
SteelBlue70 130 180#4682B4
SteelBlue199 184 255#63B8FF
SteelBlue292 172 238#5CACEE
SteelBlue379 148 205#4F94CD
SteelBlue454 100 139#36648B
DeepSkyBlue10 191 255#00BFFF
DeepSkyBlue20 178 238#00B2EE
DeepSkyBlue30 154 205#009ACD
DeepSkyBlue40 104 139#00688B
SkyBlue135 206 235#87CEEB
SkyBlue1135 206 255#87CEFF
SkyBlue2126 192 238#7EC0EE
SkyBlue3108 166 205#6CA6CD
SkyBlue474 112 139#4A708B
LightSkyBlue135 206 250#87CEFA
LightSkyBlue1176 226 255#B0E2FF
LightSkyBlue2164 211 238#A4D3EE
LightSkyBlue3141 182 205#8DB6CD
LightSkyBlue496 123 139#607B8B
LightSteelBlue176 196 222#B0C4DE
LightSteelBlue1202 225 255#CAE1FF
LightSteelBlue2188 210 238#BCD2EE
LightSteelBlue3162 181 205#A2B5CD
LightSteelBlue4110 123 139#6E7B8B
LightBlue173 216 230#ADD8E6
LightBlue1191 239 255#BFEFFF
LightBlue2178 223 238#B2DFEE
LightBlue3154 192 205#9AC0CD
LightBlue4104 131 139#68838B
LightCyan1224 255 255#E0FFFF
LightCyan2209 238 238#D1EEEE
LightCyan3180 205 205#B4CDCD
LightCyan4122 139 139#7A8B8B
CadetBlue95 158 160#5F9EA0
CadetBlue1152 245 255#98F5FF
CadetBlue2142 229 238#8EE5EE
CadetBlue3122 197 205#7AC5CD
CadetBlue483 134 139#53868B
PaleTurquoise175 238 238#AFEEEE
PaleTurquoise1187 255 255#BBFFFF
PaleTurquoise2174 238 238#AEEEEE
PaleTurquoise3150 205 205#96CDCD
PaleTurquoise4102 139 139#668B8B
MediumTurquoise72 209 204#48D1CC
DarkTurquoise0 206 209#00CED1
Turquoise64 224 208#40E0D0
Turquoise10 245 255#00F5FF
Turquoise20 229 238#00E5EE
Turquoise30 197 205#00C5CD
Turquoise40 134 139#00868B
Cyan10 255 255#00FFFF
Cyan20 238 238#00EEEE
Cyan30 205 205#00CDCD
DarkCyan0 139 139#008B8B
Aquamarine1127 255 212#7FFFD4
Aquamarine2118 238 198#76EEC6
Aquamarine3102 205 170#66CDAA
Aquamarine469 139 116#458B74
DarkSeaGreen143 188 143#8FBC8F
DarkSeaGreen1193 255 193#C1FFC1
DarkSeaGreen2180 238 180#B4EEB4
DarkSeaGreen3155 205 155#9BCD9B
DarkSeaGreen4105 139 105#698B69
SeaGreen46 139 87#2E8B57
SeaGreen184 255 159#54FF9F
SeaGreen278 238 148#4EEE94
SeaGreen367 205 128#43CD80
PaleGreen152 251 152#98FB98
PaleGreen1154 255 154#9AFF9A
PaleGreen2144 238 144#90EE90
PaleGreen3124 205 124#7CCD7C
PaleGreen484 139 84#548B54
SpringGreen10 255 127#00FF7F
SpringGreen20 238 118#00EE76
SpringGreen30 205 102#00CD66
SpringGreen40 139 69#008B45
Green10 255 0#00FF00
Green20 238 0#00EE00
Green30 205 0#00CD00
Green40 139 0#008B00
DarkGreen0 100 0#006400
MediumSeaGreen60 179 113#3CB371
LightSeaGreen32 178 170#20B2AA
LightGreen144 238 144#90EE90
LawnGreen124 252 0#7CFC00
MediumSpringGreen0 250 154#00FA9A
GreenYellow173 255 47#ADFF2F
Lime50 205 50#32CD32
YellowGreen154 205 50#9ACD32
ForestGreen34 139 34#228B22
Chartreuse1127 255 0#7FFF00
Chartreuse2118 238 0#76EE00
Chartreuse3102 205 0#66CD00
Chartreuse469 139 0#458B00
OliveDrab107 142 35#6B8E23
OliveDrab1192 255 62#C0FF3E
OliveDrab2179 238 58#B3EE3A
OliveDrab3154 205 50#9ACD32
OliveDrab4105 139 34#698B22
DarkOliveGreen85 107 47#556B2F
DarkOliveGreen1202 255 112#CAFF70
DarkOliveGreen2188 238 104#BCEE68
DarkOliveGreen3162 205 90#A2CD5A
DarkOliveGreen4110 139 61#6E8B3D
Khaki1255 246 143#FFF68F
Khaki2238 230 133#EEE685
Khaki3205 198 115#CDC673
Khaki4139 134 78#8B864E
DarkKhaki189 183 107#BDB76B
LightGoldenrod238 221 130#EEDD82
LightGoldenrod1255 236 139#FFEC8B
LightGoldenrod2238 220 130#EEDC82
LightGoldenrod3205 190 112#CDBE70
LightGoldenrod4139 129 76#8B814C
LightYellow1255 255 224#FFFFE0
LightYellow2238 238 209#EEEED1
LightYellow3205 205 180#CDCDB4
LightYellow4139 139 122#8B8B7A
Yellow1255 255 0#FFFF00
Yellow2238 238 0#EEEE00
Yellow3205 205 0#CDCD00
Yellow4/span>139 139 0#8B8B00
Gold1255 215 0#FFD700
Gold2238 201 0#EEC900
Gold3205 173 0#CDAD00
Gold4139 117 0#8B7500
Goldenrod218 165 32#DAA520
Goldenrod1255 193 37#FFC125
Goldenrod2238 180 34#EEB422
Goldenrod3205 155 29#CD9B1D
Goldenrod4139 105 20#8B6914
DarkGoldenrod184 134 11#B8860B
DarkGoldenrod1255 185 15#FFB90F
DarkGoldenrod2238 173 14#EEAD0E
DarkGoldenrod3205 149 12#CD950C
DarkGoldenrod4139 101 8#8B658B
RosyBrown188 143 143#BC8F8F
RosyBrown1255 193 193#FFC1C1
RosyBrown2238 180 180#EEB4B4
RosyBrown3205 155 155#CD9B9B
RosyBrown4139 105 105#8B6969
IndianRed205 92 92#CD5C5C
IndianRed1255 106 106#FF6A6A
IndianRed2238 99 99#EE6363
IndianRed3205 85 85#CD5555
IndianRed4139 58 58#8B3A3A
Sienna1255 130 71#FF8247
Sienna2238 121 66#EE7942
Sienna3205 104 57#CD6839
Sienna4139 71 38#8B4726
Burlywood222 184 135#DEB887
Burlywood1255 211 155#FFD39B
Burlywood2238 197 145#EEC591
Burlywood3205 170 125#CDAA7D
Burlywood4139 115 85#8B7355
Wheat245 222 179#F5DEB3
Wheat1255 231 186#FFE7BA
Wheat2238 216 174#EED8AE
Wheat3205 186 150#CDBA96
Wheat4139 126 102#8B7E66
Tan210 180 140#D2B48C
Tan1255 165 79#FFA54F
Tan2238 154 73#EE9A49
Tan3205 133 63#CD853F
Tan4139 90 43#8B5A2B
Chocolate210 105 30#D2691E
Chocolate1255 127 36#FF7F24
Chocolate2238 118 33#EE7621
Chocolate3205 102 29#CD661D
Chocolate4139 69 19#8B4513
Firebrick178 34 34#B22222
Firebrick1255 48 48#FF3030
Firebrick2238 44 44#EE2C2C
Firebrick3205 38 38#CD2626
Firebrick4139 26 26#8B1A1A
Brown165 42 42#A52A2A
Brown1255 64 64#FF4040
Brown2238 59 59#EE3B3B
Brown3205 51 51#CD3333
Brown4139 35 35#8B2323
Salmon250 128 114#FA8072
Salmon1255 140 105#FF8C69
Salmon2238 130 98#EE8262
Salmon3205 112 84#CD7054
Salmon4139 76 57#8B4C39
LightSalmon1255 160 122#FFA07A
LightSalmon2238 149 114#EE9572
LightSalmon3205 129 98#CD8162
LightSalmon4139 87 66#8B5742
Orange1255 165 0#FFA500
Orange2238 154 0#EE9A00
Orange3205 133 0#CD8500
Orange4139 90 0#8B5A00
DarkOrange255 140 0#FF8C00
DarkOrange1255 127 0#FF7F00
DarkOrange2238 118 0#EE7600
DarkOrange3205 102 0#CD6600
DarkOrange4139 69 0#8B4500
LightCoral240 128 128#F08080
Coral255 127 80#FF7F50
Coral1255 114 86#FF7256
Coral2238 106 80#EE6A50
Coral3205 91 69#CD5B45
Coral4139 62 47#8B3E2F
Tomato1255 99 71#FF6347
Tomato2238 92 66#EE5C42
Tomato3205 79 57#CD4F39
Tomato4139 54 38#8B3626
OrangeRed1255 69 0#FF4500
OrangeRed2238 64 0#EE4000
OrangeRed3205 55 0#CD3700
OrangeRed4139 37 0#8B2500
Red1255 0 0#FF0000
Red2238 0 0#EE0000
Red3205 0 0#CD0000
DarkRed139 0 0#8B0000
Rouge198 0 0#C60000
Crimson220 20 60#DC143C
DeepPink1255 20 147#FF1493
DeepPink2238 18 137#EE1289
DeepPink3205 16 118#CD1076
DeepPink4139 10 80#8B0A50
HotPink255 105 180#FF69B4
HotPink1255 110 180#FF6EB4
HotPink2238 106 167#EE6AA7
HotPink3205 96 144#CD6090
HotPink4139 58 98#8B3A62
Pink255 192 203#FFC0CB
Pink1255 181 197#FFB5C5
Pink2238 169 184#EEA9B8
Pink3205 145 158#CD919E
Pink4139 99 108#8B636C
LightPink255 182 193#FFB6C1
LightPink1255 174 185#FFAEB9
LightPink2238 162 173#EEA2AD
LightPink3205 140 149#CD8C95
LightPink4139 95 101#8B5F65
PaleVioletRed219 112 147#DB7093
PaleVioletRed1255 130 171#FF82AB
PaleVioletRed2238 121 159#EE799F
PaleVioletRed3205 104 137#CD6889
PaleVioletRed4139 71 93#8B475D
Maroon176 48 96#B03060
Maroon1255 52 179#FF34B3
Maroon2238 48 167#EE30A7
Maroon3205 41 144#CD2990
Maroon4139 28 98#8B1C62
VioletRed208 32 144#D02090
VioletRed1255 62 150#FF3E96
VioletRed2238 58 140#EE3A8C
VioletRed3205 50 120#CD3278
VioletRed4139 34 82#8B2252
Magenta1255 0 255#FF00FF
Magenta2238 0 238#EE00EE
Magenta3205 0 205#CD00CD
DarkMagenta139 0 139#8B008B
Orchid218 112 214#DA70D6
Orchid1255 131 250#FF83FA
Orchid2238 122 233#EE7AE9
Orchid3205 105 201#CD69C9
Orchid4139 71 137#8B4789
Plum221 160 221#DDA0DD
Plum1255 187 255#FFBBFF
Plum2238 174 238#EEAEEE
Plum3205 150 205#CD96CD
Plum4139 102 139#8B668B
MediumOrchid186 85 211#BA55D3
MediumOrchid1224 102 255#E066FF
MediumOrchid2209 95 238#D15FEE
MediumOrchid3180 82 205#B452CD
MediumOrchid4122 55 139#7A378B
DarkOrchid153 50 204#9932CC
DarkOrchid1191 62 255#BF3EFF
DarkOrchid2178 58 238#B23AEE
DarkOrchid3154 50 205#9A32CD
DarkOrchid4104 34 139#68228B
MediumVioletRed199 21 133#C71585
Violet238 130 238#EE82EE
DarkViolet148 0 211#9400D3
BlueViolet138 43 226#8A2BE2
Purple128 0 128#800080
Purple1160 32 240#A020F0
Purple2155 48 255#9B30FF
Purple3145 44 238#912CEE
Purple4125 38 205#7D26CD
Purple585 26 139#551A8B
MediumPurple147 112 219#9370DB
MediumPurple1171 130 255#AB82FF
MediumPurple2159 121 238#9F79EE
MediumPurple3137 104 205#8968CD
MediumPurple493 71 139#5D478B
Thistle216 191 216#D8BFD8
Thistle1255 225 255#FFE1FF
Thistle2238 210 238#EED2EE
Thistle3205 181 205#CDB5CD
Thistle4139 123 139#8B7B8B
AntiqueGold221 196 136#DDC488
AgedPaper236 171 83#ECAB53
Silver192 192 192#C0C0C0
Teal0 128 128#008080
Blush255 204 153#FFCC99