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How to Fix Bad Sectors on the Hard Disk

         The Hard Disk is the storage media that we often use to store important data whether it be a file, image, video, mp3 and so on which we can use again. However, in some cases the age of the hard disk and hard disk damage factors/bad sector sometimes we cannot avoid.
         Therefore, the slowness of the computer when accessed or there is some files are corrupt when you copy you need to beware there’s a chance your Hard Disk is bad sectors.
     Bad sectors are a condition where on the hard disk of our computer there are some damage resulting in corrupt files and slow when accessed.
    There 2 bad sectors, namely:
  1. Mechanical/physical bad sectors that can happen as a result of the collision, scratched etc. resulted in the destruction of the physical shape of the slab of hard disk.
  2. Bad sectors software can occur when har disk is busy going then electrycity dead and decided the current flow electricity to our computers resulted in damage to the software on a hard disk and others.
     Signs of a troubled hard disk is the Hard Disk which reads, unreadable and is troubled with speed.
     The following will be discussed how to restore back the Hard Disk has affected bad sectors by using software applications that are easy to use and free to download, the name is Easeus Partition Manager.
        A software to repair bad sectors that are easy to use and able to repair damaged hard disks due to bad sectors.
       Prerequisite: Before doing the process of repair bad sectors on your hard disk to make sure that your data has been backed up in advance, to avoid loss of data.
  • Download and run the application Easeus Partition Manager on your computer.
  • Select the partitions on your Hard Disk are roughly exposed to bad sectors then right click delete-> Delete your partition, delete data.
  • Then click the Apply button.

Software to prevent virus penetration USB

          The Panda USB Vaccine is an application that protects your computer against vicious malware by vaccinating potential threats. It's an easy and fast way to keep your computer safe and working.

           There really isn't much to this USB drive vaccine. We were pleased to find that it not only has an option for USB Vaccination, but also Computer Vaccination. For each option it lists an explanation of the process behind vaccination and what it involves. You know what and why it vaccinates before you decide to even use it. You can setup this utility to automatically scan and clean any USB when it is plugged into the computer, or manually direct it to do so. The vaccination process was very quick for both the computer and USB. You can remove the vaccination from your computer as well, if you decide that you don't really need it. For more details and information, you can go to the Help page. There isn't much listed, but it does cover more concerning what the utility is for and what it really does. Overall, it's a very simple and useful utility that doesn't take up much of your time.

          Downloading and setting up the Panda USB Vaccine was very easy. You can even have it start up with your computer and run automatically. There didn't seem to be any issues or glitches when we went through the download process. It will most likely download well on any PC, as far as we know.

         Panda USB Vaccine is a free utility from Panda Research which helps prevent malware infections due to the autorun feature of Windows Operating Systems. Once executed the user can choose two types of vaccinations: Computer Vaccination or USB Drive Vaccination. USB Vaccine allows users to vaccinate their PCs in order to disable autorun completely so that no program from any USB/CD/DVD drive (regardless of whether they have been previously vaccinated or not) can auto-execute. This is a really helpful feature as there is no user friendly and easy way of completely disabling autorun on a Windows PC. Panda USB Vaccine can be used on individual USB drives to disable its autorun.inf file in order to prevent malware infections from spreading automatically.

      What's new in this version: Version features: support of NTFS USB drives; installer; auto-vaccination (resident driver), multi-language and various fixes.
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Software to recover deleted files in usb

          This is a fast program to find and recover deleted files from the "trash" (Recycle Bin), deleted in DOS, delete the network or deleted from Windows Explorer in combination with the Shift key (delete is complete, the file is no longer inRecycle Bin).
       Undelete Plus recover all types of files in the hard disk format: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. In particular, Undelete Plus has the ability to recover deleted files from floppy disk with a very high probability of success.

How to use:
After start the program, click on My Computer (in the Drives window on the left) and select the drive to find. If you remember deleted files from any drive, select the drive, if you do not mind, select all drives and acceptance scan time (scan) longer. Next, click on the Start Scan button and wait for the program to detect deleted files, detection time depends on the size of your hard drive (drive has a large capacity will find longer).
 Once detection program status bar reaches 100%, the deleted files are listed in the Files box. Now that you simply check the box to select the file to recover, and then click Start Undelete to recover. By default, the recovery file will be written to the My Documents folder. If you want to write to another location, then press the Open button (or three dots) to select the drive or folder that contains the file.
 In the Sort By box you can sort the found files by filename (Filename), path (Path), size (Size), the status (Status), initialize (Date Created) and Revised (Date Modified). The arrangement makes it easy to find the files need to recover quickly. In addition, you can also click the name of the software (or program) that supports open file types to look at the Types dialog, for Undelete Plus display only certain file types to look for.

* Download MerryChristmas :