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Fast Download Avast! Free Antivirus 8 Full - Avast! Free Antivirus 8 Offline

      Free Download Avast Antivirus for Nokia Asha 200, 201, 300, 303, 305, 306, 311 (Nokia S40) and Java phone at here

         avast! Free Antivirus is an antivirus software completely free are millions of users around the world. avast! Free Antivirus is the best free solution to protect you from threats from malicious software.

     The new feature of avast! Free Antivirus 8.0:

       Advanced security features
       - Software Updater: overview displays all application software and your outdated.
       - Browser Cleanup: remove unwanted toolbars and plug-ins nuisance.
       - Behavior Shield: improving accuracy.

        Other Features
       - User interface: easy to use with custom features.
       - Optimized touchscreen: Avast for simplifying user devices based on Windows 8 touch.
       - Improved Remote Assistance.

      The key features of Avast Free Antivirus:
       - Prevent Viruses and spyware
       - Protection shopping and banking
       - Run the malicious programs safely
       - Prevents hacker attacks
       - Protection of personal data
       - Stop annoying Spam
       - Protect yourself against fraudulent websites 

Free Download at here:

Software to prevent virus penetration USB

          The Panda USB Vaccine is an application that protects your computer against vicious malware by vaccinating potential threats. It's an easy and fast way to keep your computer safe and working.

           There really isn't much to this USB drive vaccine. We were pleased to find that it not only has an option for USB Vaccination, but also Computer Vaccination. For each option it lists an explanation of the process behind vaccination and what it involves. You know what and why it vaccinates before you decide to even use it. You can setup this utility to automatically scan and clean any USB when it is plugged into the computer, or manually direct it to do so. The vaccination process was very quick for both the computer and USB. You can remove the vaccination from your computer as well, if you decide that you don't really need it. For more details and information, you can go to the Help page. There isn't much listed, but it does cover more concerning what the utility is for and what it really does. Overall, it's a very simple and useful utility that doesn't take up much of your time.

          Downloading and setting up the Panda USB Vaccine was very easy. You can even have it start up with your computer and run automatically. There didn't seem to be any issues or glitches when we went through the download process. It will most likely download well on any PC, as far as we know.

         Panda USB Vaccine is a free utility from Panda Research which helps prevent malware infections due to the autorun feature of Windows Operating Systems. Once executed the user can choose two types of vaccinations: Computer Vaccination or USB Drive Vaccination. USB Vaccine allows users to vaccinate their PCs in order to disable autorun completely so that no program from any USB/CD/DVD drive (regardless of whether they have been previously vaccinated or not) can auto-execute. This is a really helpful feature as there is no user friendly and easy way of completely disabling autorun on a Windows PC. Panda USB Vaccine can be used on individual USB drives to disable its autorun.inf file in order to prevent malware infections from spreading automatically.

      What's new in this version: Version features: support of NTFS USB drives; installer; auto-vaccination (resident driver), multi-language and various fixes.
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