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Download software to convert PDF to Word free

    Dear friends, while working, many times when you want to switch back and forth between Word and PDF formats to refer to the documentation in PDF format. Stemming from such requirements, today I will introduce you to the software to convert PDF to Word

   In the software to convert PDF to Word, pdf2word.v3.0 software is simple to use and effective, simple installation. This is the software interface:    To convert PDF to Word,

    Installation: After downloading, you just unzip the file and run the file to install the software pdf2word.exe, when installed it asks you to enter serinumber, this requires you to go off and then copy, paste PDF2Word file. v3. in the unzipped folder to folder PDF2Word installed in C drive (C: Program Files\VeryPDF PDF2Word v3.0). Then run this file and click on Path to register the software. Now that you have installed, the software you use PDF2Word as follows:

   You run PDF2Word v3.0 file on the desktop, the software interface as in the figure below:

    This is the software interface when you convert PDF to Word files:

    Free download:
                                    Download Link 1 ||| Download Link 2

    Watch Video software manuals below:

Free download ebook Accounting Best Practices, Sixth Edition

       A chief executive offi cer (CEO) spends months deciding on a corporate strategy. The plan probably includes a mix of changes in products, customers, and mar-kets, as well as demands for increased effi ciencies or information in a number of existing areas. The CEO then hands off the plan to a group of managers who are quite capable of implementing many of the changes, but who scratch their heads over how to squeeze greater effi ciencies or information out of existing depart-ments in order to meet their strategic goals. This is where best practices come into play.

       A best practice is really  any improvement over existing systems, though some consultants prefer to confi ne the defi nition to those few high-end and very advanced improvements that have been successfully installed by a few world-class companies. This book uses the broader defi nition of any improvement over existing systems, since the vast majority of companies are in no position, in terms either technological capabilities, monetary resources, or management skill, to make use of truly world-class best practices. Using this wider defi nition, a best practice can be anything that increases the existing level of effi ciency, such as switching to blanket purchase orders, signature stamps, and procurement cards to streamline the accounts payable function. It can also lead to improved levels of reporting for use by other parts of the company, such as activity-based cost-ing, target costing, or direct costing reports in the costing function. Further, it can reduce the number of transaction errors, by such means as automated employee expense reports, automated bank account deductions, or a simplifi  ed commission calculation system. By implementing a plethora of best practices, a company can greatly improve its level of effi ciency and information reporting, which fi  ts nicely into the requirements of most strategic plans.

        One can go further than describing best practices as an excellent contribu-tor to the fulfi  llment of a company’s strategy, and even state that a strategy does not have much chance of success  unless best practices are involved. The rea-son is that best practices have such a large impact on overall effi  ciencies,  they unleash a large number of excess people who can then work on other strategic issues, as well as reduce a company’s cash requirements, releasing more cash for investment in strategic targets. In addition, some best practices link company functions more closely together, resulting in better overall functionality—this is
a singular improvement when a company is in the throes of changes caused by strategy shifts. Further, best practices can operate quite well in the absence of a strategic plan. For example, any department manager can install a variety of best practices with no approval or oversight from above, resulting in a multitude of
benefi  cial changes. Thus, best practices are a linchpin of the successful corpo-rate strategy, and can also lead to improvements even if they are not part of a grand strategic vision.

      Free download report at here:

International financial reporting standards desk reference overview guide and dictionary (free download)

       The Dictionary includes international accounting and reporting, financial ac-counting, managerial accounting, and finance terms that are widely used in the international business world. Definitions are given in an easily accessible way with cross-referencing to a particular standard where appropriate.

        Many terms that are defined are used in international financial reporting standards (IFRSs) but also have a common theme. In these instances, we have given the general meaning as well as how it is used in the standard. Cross-referencing of a definition to a particular standard is given so that readers can refer to the specific wording within its context. If the term origi-nates from the Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements, we have used the prefix F before the paragraph number.
        Terms that are different but have similarities in the meanings they convey are cross-referenced by using the word See. In addition, terms are also simi- larly cross-referenced where this helps the reader’s understanding.

      Free download report at here:

Final Report "Evaluation of time management skill of the 3rd year students in FFL - HUT" free download

        Time management skill is very essential to students in their study or in other extracurricular activities, and needs more serious concern. The object of the research was to evaluate time management skill of the 3rd year students of FFL-HUT to see if it is good or not, because they have been facing a large amount of time-consuming assignments. Data were gathered using two methods: content analysis on requirements of ESP subjects, on relevant materials, and questionnaire survey on selected 3rd year students of FFL-HUT.
        The research showed a big gap in time management of 3rd year students despite some strong points. They realized the importance of time management, took some good steps to control the time better such as planning to study, doing important things first, arranging space to learn…They, however, were attracted to time-wasted things, did not have detailed plans, their time remained illogic arranging…Therefore, students are recommended considering themselves if they were arranging time well or not. Further study needs to be conducted to develop a basic model of time management for these student characterized by technicality and foreign language to take full advantage of their strong points and improve their limitations.
      Free download report at here:

Free download Final report "The Situation of Learning English for Electrical Engineering of D06k52 Students in Faculty of Foreign Language, Ha Noi University of Technology"

      This report was concerned with the situation of learning English for Engineering (EEE). It is fact that ESP subjects, especially EEE are worried problems. Although EEE is one of compulsory subjects, many students in FOFL, HUT did not get good marks and d06, k52 students were not an exception. The objective of this report was to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of learning EEE as well as the main reason why they did not get good mark in the final test. Techniques of gathering data including different types of questionnaires administered to students in d06, k52 in FOFL, HUT. The study found that most of them found difficulties in learning EEE. Although teacher was very enthusiastic for teaching, the main difficulties they met are the lack of basic knowledge and new terms. Moreover, the main reason they got bad marks are that most of them did not learn EEE until the test. Based on the results of this study, it is recommended that school or FOFL should have general subjects for consolidating the basic knowledge for students before learning ESP. Moreover, glossary should be written at the end of each of lesson to help students understand lesson more and easier. And finally, some methods should be done to check student’s lesson correctness.
      Free download report at here:


            The age of information and technology has brought mankind lots of the “breakthrough” inventions, in which the appearances of mobile phones with the cheap costs and high application has made the great changes for people’s lives, especially for the youth.  Most of the cities- dwellers possess one or more hand phones, in particular, the secondary and college students do. The mobile phone has been admitted to offer plenty of benefits, but it is also said to create too many troubles, in deed. The fact is that the Thuong Tin high school students are abusing the mobile phones, which is complained by a number of parents and students. Therefore, this research was concerned with the overuse of mobile phones of Thuong Tin high school students. The objective of the research was to explore real situation and the bad effects that Thuong Tin students might face up with in case of abusing mobile phones. Data were gathered using the following methods: questionnaire survey for collecting the facts related to abusing hand phones, and existing information about negative consequences that students might encounter.
           The study was concluded that Thuong Tin high school student has been abusing hand phones with “high frequency”, i.e. they were depending on mobile phones. As the result, many of them have received the bad effects from the mobile phone itself.
           From this real situation together with negative effects caused by mobile phones, it is recommended that using hand phone by Thuong Tin students should be limited apart from necessary circumstances, and more consideration should be also taken into by parents before making decisions of buying their children, the students in the physical and mental growth, a mobile phone.
      Free download report at here: