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Best Tower Defense Games For Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia, SamSung ATIV S, HTC, LG Optimus 7, ZTE

     Tower Defense games are the most addicting games on mobile devices. In Tower Defense games you have to build buildings (turrets, guns, static units, shields, magic structure, etc.) to protect your base from the ever advancing enemies. Usually Tower Defense games are divided into many levels of the ever-growing power of the enemies and reach the latter can be difficult.

     Let’s see some Best Windows Phone Tower Defense Games you can download FREE and have some good times with unlimited enemies.

      1. Myth Defense

      In Myth Defense, the goal is to defend your castle until the end. For this you must raise the strategy with the elements you have. Myth Defense inherited the best features of a tower defense game and decorated with interesting features such as the use of alchemy and runes, random cards or option campaign, among others.
      Download MythDefense LF Windows Phone App (FREE)

     2. Arcane's TD

       Arcane's TD for Windows Phone is one of the most popular tower defense games. Arcane's TD will test your ability to go conquering organizational scenarios amid a tough battle with powerful enemies. To defend and attack your opponents have a handful of powers and spells to use wisely.

      Download Arcane's TD Windows Phone App (FREE)

     3. LushingtonFree

      In this game you need to position your defenses to repel the attack of your enemies, is as entertaining as it is difficult and you have to come up with the right combination at the time of positioning to achieve slow the enemy advance. You will have to find which is the best position of the same to stop the attackers, depending on the type of enemy you face.

      Download LushingtonFree Windows Phone App (FREE)

      4. Radiant Defense

       Radiant Defense is a very complete tower defense game that puts you to defend their territory in space aliens. You can modify the terrain, forcing the enemy to go where you want, buy many different models of weapons and make upgrades in their towers to improve their defensive capabilities. The title has amazing graphics, with many details, animations and impressive light effects.

      Download Radiant Defense Windows Phone App (FREE)

     5. Big Guns Tower Defense

       Big Guns Tower Defense for Windows Phone - Defend your base from the buggies, tanks, planes and other enemy vehicles. In the game you will find more than 10 weapons and 35 levels with the ever-increasing complexity.

     Download Big Guns Tower Defense Windows Phone App (FREE)

     So, these are the best free Windows Phone tower defense games. Download & Install them and decided which of them you like most. Add your comments below.

   Suggest you refer to:

   List of Windows Phone 7 devices: Dell Venue Pro, HTC 7 Pro (Arrive), HTC 7 Surround, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 7 Mozart, HTC HD7 (HD7S), LG Optimus 7 (Jil Sander Mobile), LG Quantum (Optimus 7Q), Samsung Focus, Samsung Omnia 7.

  List of Windows Phone 7.5 devices: Acer Allegro, Alcatel One Touch View, Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T, HTC Radar, HTC Titan (Ultimate/Eternity), HTC Titan II, Nokia Lumia 510, Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Focus 2, Samsung Focus S, Samsung Omnia M, Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash), ZTE Orbit (Render), ZTE Tania (Spirit).

    List of Windows Phone 8 devices: HTC 8S, HTC 8X, HTC 8XT (for Sprint Corporation), Huawei Ascend W1, Huawei Ascend W2, Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 521 (for T-Mobile US), Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 625, Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 810 (for T-Mobile US), Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 822 (for Verizon Wireless), Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 925, Nokia Lumia 928 (for Verizon Wireless), Nokia Lumia 1020, Samsung ATIV S, Samsung ATIV S Neo (for Sprint Corporation), Samsung ATIV Odyssey (for Verizon Wireless)

Download Turbo Racing League - Racing game free on Windows Phone 8

      A new racing game “Turbo Racing League" has just appeared on the Windows Phone Store. “Turbo Racing League" is the official game of the upcoming DreamWorks movie,"Turbo". In this game, your goal is to make the race and become the fastest snail in the world!

      Turbo is an animated film scheduled for October at the cinema, by DreamWorks. To announce its release, a game for smartphones was created: Turbo Racing League. You are a little snail who dreams of being as fast as a race car. You will thus lead to it gaining momentum, to participate in the circuits. With a colorful and fun design, many racing modes and a dozen circuits, this new racing game has everything to be a success. And the game is completely free!

      Some of the main features of the game:

      - New courses & tours
      - "Race Special Events" test sessions, races with limited fuel
      - Sharing your performance on Facebook & Twitter social networks
      - Ability to customize your character and increase its performance
      - Video recordings of races (replay, etc.).
      - Online rankings

      Note: The new racing game for Windows Phone is only compatible with WP8 devices. List of Windows Phone 8 devices: HTC 8S, HTC 8X, HTC 8XT (for Sprint Corporation), Huawei Ascend W1, Huawei Ascend W2, Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 521 (for T-Mobile US), Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 625, Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 810 (for T-Mobile US), Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 822 (for Verizon Wireless), Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 925, Nokia Lumia 928 (for Verizon Wireless), Nokia Lumia 1020, Samsung ATIV S, Samsung ATIV S Neo (for Sprint Corporation), Samsung ATIV Odyssey (for Verizon Wireless)
Official trailer:

     Download Turbo Racing League for Windows Phone free from the image below:

     Feel free to test it, it is free, and give your opinion in the comments below! And don't forget to share with your friends on social network.

Download Dredd vs. Zombies for Nokia Lumia, SamSung ATIV S, HTC, LG Optimus 7, ZTE - Free game for windows phone

    In Dredd vs. Zombies for WP, you must protect Mega-City One from a zombie invasion! Arm yourself with a Lawgiver pistol and three other devastating weapons, upgradeable. Fight against four types of deadly zombies in thirty levels of game. The game has a great graphics and is very easy to play, has a view from a higher angle and the aiming system is automated so that you just have to move and shoot.

   Judge Dredd vs. Zombies features: 
      - Simple to learn and use 'Single-Stick' controls
      - Four upgradeable weapons
      - Seven equipment upgrades, from Body Armor to Iron Will – each gives a different combat advantage
      - Three episodes and thirty levels of game play, with high replayability
      - Star and Commendation system reward skilled gameplay – are you good enough to earn a Commendation?
      - 16 achievements to collect!

  Click on image to free download:

Free Download UC Browser For Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia, SamSung ATIV S, HTC, LG Optimus 7, ZTE

      UC Browser is a browser specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. The various features offered make it the best alternative to Internet Explorer that Windows Phone have.

     Internet Explorer on Windows Phone is a decent browser, but in some moments is quite slow, even without many resources and lack of customization options. At this point UC Browser offers everything that IE 10 is missing: a Speed Dial for pages frequently, a tab control faster and use different modes: Night, just text or incognito. It also has support for themes.

     UC Browser for WP device comes with a neat interface ecosystem itself and great features such as download videos for offline viewing, night mode, text-only mode, search for text in the displayed page and many more. UC Browser for Windows Phone features great browsing speed, thanks to its compression technology, able to compress data up to 85%, which makes it the fastest web browser for Windows Phone. Also highlight its new smart download system.

     UC Browser for Windows Phone is updated to version 3.0.1, now with a top 20% faster than the previous version. In addition, its new features it also highlights the Speed Dial, a way to more easily access our favorite websites. The update version brings custom font, faster speed dial, tabs manager and more. You can now experience the full features of webpages as if you were on a PC. We can say that UC browser is the best browser for Windows Phone.

    New UC Browser v3.0.1 for Windows Phone:
      - Maximum tabs increased Enables you to open a maximum 9 tabs. Enables you to open a maximum 9 tabs.
      - New tabs manager Get a peek of the page while viewing tabs, quickly close tabs by sliding them.
      - Custom font Pick a unique font for displaying pages in Speed Mode.
      - Faster Speed Dial Get quicker access to Speed Dial.

    UC Browser is free and works on both Windows Phone 7.5 and WP 8, so if you are interested you can install it using the image below.

     Refer to the list of phones with Windows Phone operating system at here

Free Download Racing Game For Windows phone, Nokia Lumia 500, 501, 502, 505, 510, 520, 602, 603, 610, 620, 625, 710, 720, 800, 820, 900, 920, 925, 928, 1020

       Drift Mania Championship 2 for Windows Phone 8 is a typical racing game in which you can choose and customize a car. Drift Mania Championship 2 is the first game to use the famous Unity Engine reaches the platform. Start a drift race, compete in a drift battle tournament or play against a friend using the new online multiplayer mode. Refresh and fully customize your ride with performance upgrades and visual modes. Complete over 60 achievements in career mode. Challenge drivers around the world through the tables of world rankings.

      Drift Mania Championship 2 is a very popular mobile game downloaded by over 10 million users of iOS and Android, and now comes to Windows Phone 8. The announcement was made by Joe Belfiore directly via its official Twitter account saying it is the first game with the game engine through the beta SDK.

      Drift Mania Championship 2 can play both single player and multiplayer mode. Through the career mode you have the opportunity to obtain credit to improve your car and make it even faster and more stable. You can challenge your friends and share the results on Facebook or Twitter. Drift Mania Championship 2 for WP8 has a very good graphics quality and gameplay.

       - Drift Mania Championship 2 has a new generation of 3D graphics optimized for the hardware of the device.
       - Work on your fireball by installing parts that can improve performance car, with brands such as Royal Purple, K & N, Magnaflow, Centerforce, appliances and Mishimoto.
       - Customize the look of your car with body kits, wheels, windows and spoiler. Make your car unique!
Changing various aspects of your vehicle, including suspension, steering feel, the gear ratio and weight distribution to suit your driving style.
       - Complete Career Mode that includes more than 13 tracks, 60 achievements and 48 performance upgrades to unlock. Earn money to upgrade your car with cosmetic changes and performance improvements.
       - Start a drift tournament, compete against an opponent and get to the end!
 Challenge your opponents to share the results with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

     Drift Mania Championship 2 is available exclusively for Windows Phone 8. There are two versions of the racing game available in the marketplace.

Download Drift Mania Championship 2 Lite (free version)

Download Drift Mania Championship 2 (paid version)

Handyscan - Free Download Document Scanner App for Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia

       Handyscan for Windows Phone is the perfect app to scan your important documents and keep a copy on your Windows mobile device for safekeeping. With Handyscan you can capture almost everything that comes to mind: contracts, comics, notes, journals, newspaper articles, family photos, and even post-its.

      Handyscan is a personal document scanner for your Windows Phone that uses the phone's camera to scan and save documents. Handyscan is a great option for those looking for a document scanner. With Windows Phone scanner app Handyscan you can scan a document and save it on your device, and also to keep Dropbox or SkyDrive, and even send it via email (paid version).

       Handyscan is the ideal tool to scan capture any physical document, whether text or photo, to our device, with options to align the document, cut into even add text. We scan multiple pages per document. The management of the application is quite simple. Just start Handyscan folder appears where you store scans performed. To register a new one, just press the + button. The good thing about this application is that it allows document capture whatever, without having to use both hands, as focuses and takes the picture automatically. Also, right after performing this action, it is possible to modify the proportions of the scan, so that an image that has not been photographed in front can it can change the perspective and make comfortable reading or viewing.

      Key features:
        - You can scan any type of physical document very easily.
        - Besides being able to optimize the scanned images.
        - You can use the zoom to enlarge or shrink images.
        - Enables you to align the scanned sheet if you scan it instantly moved out.
        - You can add text, this way is very useful to fill forms without the need for a pen.
        - You can scan multiple pages and save them all in one document.
        - Also enables you assemble collages a few scans to a similar page.
        - You can export and import images from this gallery
        - You can scan signatures, electronically sign documents with your scanned signatures

    There are two versions of the app. One is free and another paid. Follow the below links to get the latest version of Windows Phone scanner app Handyscan from Windows Phone Marketplace:

Download Handyscan Windows Phone App (FREE)

Download Handyscan Windows Phone App ($2.99)

Free Download Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 - Version

      Facebook for Windows Phone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. Thanks for being a part of our beta and helping make Facebook even better on Windows Phone.  Along with all the great new features, there could be some bugs.  Help us build a better app by sending feedback via Settings > Feedback in the app.

      This update includes performance improvements as well as top user requests like inline tagging, image attachments in messaging, multiple photo upload, save/share photos, and improvements to navigation.

     - Download size: 8 MB
     - Last updated: 8/21/2013
     - Version:
     - Works with:Windows Phone 8

     Free Download: Click image below to download

Download Samsung's ATIV Beam - App For NFC Sharing Between Windows Phone And Android

     Samsung launches ATIV Beam a new application exclusively for Windows Phone 8, which allows the user to transfer files of any type (photos, music, videos or documents) using NFC technology easily with Android devices that support this technology.

     Ativ Beam is an application developed by Samsung for its terminals with Windows Phone 8. Ativ Beam for Windows Phone 8 device is for sending files from your Windows Phone 8 to any other Android device via NFC. Obviously the NFC version must be compatible between the devices to succeed in sending.  With this application we can share pictures, music, documents and videos from our Samsung Windows Phone 8 to an Android terminal with NFC available. When this feature is enabled, you can share photos, documents, music and videos playing to another Android device support NFC. Please make sure that the state of sharing by NFC is enabled on the setting of "Zoom and send" (Tap + Send).

     Samsung Ativ Beam for Windows Phone is designed to use the NFC that has the phone and is a very useful file transfer application for Windows Phone but only with Samsung devices. In fact many Android users already enjoy this feature that allows us to move photos and documents from one device to another in a matter of seconds. Now you can share files from your Samsung Windows Phone 8 device with your friends and family using Android phones.

     The application is very simple, but functional. This app is exclusive to Samsung devices equipped with Windows Phone 8.

     Samsung recently updated Ativ Beam to version The new version requires the user to update the software to make use of its functions, which indicates that either its developers have done a good job or that the update GDR2 is very close and have been rushing to update the application.

     You can download this wonderful application from the Windows Phone store.

      Leave your comment, we would love to know your opinion.

Free Music Downloader - App Free Download Music for Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 500, 501, 502, 505, 510, 520, 602, 603, 610, 620, 625, 710, 720, 800, 820, 900, 920, 925, 928, 1020

       Free Music Downloader is an application for free music downloads, listen on your mobile and send to your computer. With Free Music Downloader you can download legal music and audiobooks from 16 websites, some of them as well known as or, directly from your phone.

       Free Music Downloader for Windows Phone is a simple free music download manager that lets you download millions of free songs to your mobile whenever these are available on the website. With Free Windows Phone Music Downloader can download songs from the favorites already recorded or save your own music websites, and can also change the appearance of application just by modifying your wallpaper. The program is able to play music in the background, downloading music in the background and much more. With the help of Free Music Downloader you will find good music. Once downloaded, you can move the MP3 to Downloader Free Music Playlist so listen and can edit its name to achieve distinguish one from another.
       In the menu of Free Music Downloader have the following options: Favorites, Playlist, MyDownload,
Downloading and Setting.
       Favorites: in Favorites you find the 16 websites from which you can download audio files.
       PlayList: Free Music Downloader PlayList menu allows you to create playlists to listen.
       MyDownload: You can create ringtones from files downloaded from the menu MyDownload. To do this, hold your finger a couple of seconds to any of the files and displays the Save Ringtone
       Finally, on the Setting can choose a wallpaper for Free Music Downloader and adjust the transparency of the screen.

       And among the most negative aspects, noting that the songs have to listen through the player itself.  Free Music Downloader, offering more options that look and rudimentary. Furthermore, this application will insert ads at the bottom of the screen, although you can remove acquiring the whole program: supermusic, also available on the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace.

Download and play music on your phone
Background optimization
Shuffle supports in the background
Add ‘play all’ function
Play music in the background
Download music in the background
Push notification after downloading music
Save the downloaded music as ring tones
If you find good free music site with a download link, you can add it to Favorites
Custom backgrounds
App runs continuously under the locked screen
Update Version 2.5 changes
Fix the bugs
Download Free Music Downloader for WP

Fotor- photo editing app free for Windows Phone 8, Nokia Lumia

       Fotor for Windows Phone 8 is a photo editor app with lots of features and filters that joins the list of this type of application with which you can tweak your photos and share them with friends. The app comes with good special effects, cropping and rotating photos, frames and more. The app also includes a feature collage, with which you can easily make amazing collages. Fotor is an excellent photo editing app for Windows Phone.

        Fotor - application for windows phone, is a perfect blend of many popular features for editing photos. Fotor allows you to edit, retouch, add frames and effects and then share them on social networks or e-mail/SMS. The app has all the features you can expect from a photo editor for mobile, giving a very professional finish. Potor Windows Phone app provides easy photo editing tools (crop, resize, and resolution, brightness contrast, saturation, temperature), more than 60 filters and 20 frame styles. Edited photos can be sent directly from the application by SMS, e-mail, Bluetooth, NFC, OneNote, etc. The application has an intuitive interface and easy to use.

Update version 2.0 brings:
• Template Selection
• Template ratio
• Basic adjustments:

Key Features:
      Advanced Editing photos (brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, definition, resolution, cropping, fashion tilt-shift, etc.).
     Over 60 effects and 20 frame styles.
     A full tutorial support.
     A fast and intuitive interface.
     Backup in high definition.
     Direct sharing to social networks, e-mail, SMS, Bluetooth, NFC, OneNote, etc..
     Fotor for Windows Phone is developed by Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co Ltd.
File Size: 16 MB
     Very convenient and simple solution for photographers. Windows Phone photo editing app Fotor is available for free on Windows Phone Store. But the app is available only for Windows Phone 8 devices. Follow the below image to grab the best free Photo editing app from Windows Phone Store

Download SurfCube 3D Browser, a browser free with 3D interface for Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia

      SurfCube 3D for Windows Phone is a web browser that stands out for its interface that puts the navigation display in one of the faces of a cube. Dragging your finger across the screen can switch sides of the cube. On the left side you can find the browser options, in the right tabs are managed and displayed in the upper address bar to search or open a new site.

     SurfCube 3D Windows Phone browser supports HTML5 with some other extra features. The browser includes a private browsing mode, not to keep pages in history visits, and has a way of saving bandwidth. With this mode, you can, for example, disable image loading for those sites that do not have mobile version.
Windows Phone browser SurfCube can save a list of favorite pages and add some of them to the home screen for direct access when loading a new tab. The browser continues to run behind the lock screen so when you turn on the phone again, appears instantly. Since it includes support for HTML5, you can display YouTube videos without using an external program.

    Its main features are:
       - Mode reading portal: You can configure any website allowing open links in new tabs or default background.
       - It offers full compatibility with HTML5.
       - It offers you the ability to share a page via email, Twitter, Facebook , Windows Live and LinkedIn.
       - It includes support for landscape and orientation vertically.
       - It offers options such as orientation lock, anchor pages Start menu, Desktop mode, search, etc..
       - It includes the history where you can find the sites you've visited in a simple and fast.
       - Accounts with a way of saving bandwidth for sites that do not have a mobile mode, and this mode can be switched off for a quick navigation and low cost.
       - It allows you to save images to your mobile.
       - It supports platforms for Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone 8.

      SurfCube now available in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for $ 1.99. A fully functional trial is also available, allowing the browser to open 20 times for free so that users are required to purchase the application.

Download SurfCube 3D Browser free
Download SurfCube 3D Browser Pro

Download AE 3D Moto - The Lost City - New bike game free for Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 500, 501, 502, 505, 510, 520, 602, 603, 610, 620, 625, 710, 720, 800, 820, 900, 920, 925, 928, 1020

      Of the known game Moto 3D for Windows Phone, the folks at EA Mobile has released the new version of the game that was even better than the first, know the AE 3D Moto - The Lost City (or just 3D Moto 2). AE 3D Moto game is for those who love to drive a motorcycle. Goal of the game to overtake cars, as well as any four-wheelers and go at it as you can.

      AE 3D Moto - The Lost City for Windows Phone is one of the best games of bikes that can be found in the Microsoft operating system is very good and it is for its gameplay. AE 3D Moto 2 for Windows Phone follows the same pattern as the first version, you will need a motorcyclist who dodge various obstacles that appear in your way, while you can go collecting coins to further increase your score and even you can swap motorcycle.

      AE 3D Moto - The Lost City can be positioned as the second part of the runner with the new motorbike, bonus "buns" and levels. The game changed on all sides, from the smooth animation and ending with the presence of a larger number of modifiers. Now, chasing through the streets of various cities, you can not just aimlessly top up their points, but also to raise money for various improvements. As you reach certain areas you will open access to more powerful bikes. At the moment, there are only four, and it seems the last one is equipped with an engine of the aircraft. The developers obviously worked hard to model iron horses. If you're a fan of racing games on your Windows Phone then do not miss the opportunity to have this game for free.

     The game is completely free for Windows Phone, and something important to mention is that it is compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 and of course with version 8. Click image below to free download:

AE Roundy POP Game Free Download For Nokia Lumia 500, 501, 502, 505, 510, 520, 602, 603, 610, 620, 625, 710, 720, 800, 820, 900, 920, 925, 928, 1020

     AE Roundy POP is a Puzzle and adventure game for Windows Phone. The game is specially designed for those fans of fast action and puzzle blocks, without many complications this game can definitely become an excellent alternative to kill time, entertaining levels, simple gameplay and of course one of the free games for Windows Phone you will like.

      AE Roundy POP for Windows Phone is a very nice and completely addictive game. The game is based on a simple principle: It is a block game where the goal is busting sets of two or more blocks of the same color but this time there is no time limit. The aim is busting sets with maximum number of blocks because only then managed to make the minimum number of points to move to the next level. There is nothing else to do: it is a pure arcade game that rewards the best scores, simply!

      To cross the levels, you will simply achieve a specific score. You will earn coins to unlock rewards. Little detail of gameplay: the handy "Undo" button to go back in case of mishandling.
A game of breaking blocs in perfect combinations. There are 7 colors, five effects of correct moves, a cool song and easy gameplay.
     Game includes:
         - 7 different color of Block
         - 5 varieties of Special Effects for certain removing
         - Very casual background music
         - Endless game mode.
         - Undo previous clear or buy coins if you want

     If you like Pop Star, Bubble Mania, Zuma, Bejeweled, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds etc, you will surly like this game where the only goal of the game was scoring: we must make the best possible score. Your screen is filled with small blocks of color you need to associate to eliminate them. More and more you will associate you will realize a big score. Voila, you know everything.

      AE Roundy POP is a game is simple, full of color and interesting graphics that is worth trying. The game is developed by EA Mobile. AE Roundy POP is available free for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5.
      Free Download at:

Temple Run Game Free Download For Nokia Lumia 500, 501, 502, 505, 510, 520, 602, 603, 610, 620, 625, 710, 720, 800, 820, 900, 920, 925, 928, 1020 and Other Windows Phone 8

        Run is an action game for Windows Phone, where you have to run dodging all obstacles, which are few, which will be on our way while collecting treasures. This is a Simple and addictive game. Temple Run starts right away with a group of gorillas crazy to put the claws in you. The only way out is to run at full speed, evading traps and obstacles of Aztec temples, amidst the jungle Caribbean. Unlike other similar games in which our control is limited to jump to avoid obstacles in Temple Run will have to make many gestures: slide your finger across the screen to make your character turn corners, tilt the Windows Phone device back and forth to run most stick right or left, slide up to jump, do the same down to duck ... As we run avoiding all obstacles, including jumps, tree branches or traps, we have to collect as many coins as possible. With these collected coin we can buy numerous improvements to our character, as spells and special abilities. Temple Run controls are very easy: tilt the device to move the sides of the hall and swipe the screen to turn, jump and slide across the floor. The 3D graphics are well done and the soundtrack consists of bongos help give an exotic touch to the game. Temple Run is the typical game that makes you want to repeat the game to beat his own record of longest run.

Some of the feauters of Temple Run: 
     Simple swipe and tilt controls that are easy to use and just feel right
     Level up your character and use crazy powerups
     Original 3D running mechanic combining turning, jumping, sliding and tilting - the first of its kind!
     Play as 7 different characters!
     Incredibly fun, just one more time, endless game play!

     The good thing about this game is that it is available free on Windows Phone Market. Something you do not get very often with games and other detail that speaks of its popularity and user acceptance. Download the game Temple Run free for your Windows Phone from the image below.

Big File Downloader App Free Download For Windows Phone

       As the name suggests, Big File Downloader is a Windows Phone app that enables you to download files up-to 2 GB in size while most apps limit this size to merely 100 MB. Windows Phone 8 does not allow media files to be saved when accessed from the browser and directly starts streaming. This is a pretty bad functionality which is expected to change in future. However, until that happens, this application comes to a great rescue. This is a basic download manager which is still early in its development and helps you download media files using the download links and retain them and view them at your own leisure time. This app is also supported on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

      Big File Downloader supports redirected URLs as well, however, authentication support is still not supported. Having said that in case you are downloading the file from a secure server and you have the server opened in the phone browser, even the URLs requiring server authentication seem to work. The application does not have the resume support for your downloads which may get implemented soon. The app provides you options wherein you can prevent your phone from locking and getting into the idle mode to ensure your download is not interrupted.

      The application's storage space is limited by the total size of your phone. For example, if your phone has 8 GB of free space, the application can store media files upto 8 GB. The files once downloaded appear in a list in the application. You can tap on it and the file plays in the native media player. Also, you can download any media type, however, it will play in the native media player as long as it is supported by the Windows Phone 8 OS. To delete the files, simply long press on the file and select 'Delete'. The files downloaded in the app cannot be accessed from any other application or appear in the media hub on the phone which too might get implemented soon. However, this limitation might be a boon in disguise for all your naughty needs. This is a free app in the Windows Store and definitely worth a try. This application works best on high internet speeds, preferably, 3G and WiFi.

Get Big File Downloader

Nokia Xpress Browser for Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928, 1020

       Nokia Xpress Browser on Nokia Lumia is a fine step towards cloud services by Nokia. It is much like the Opera browser wherein the internet traffic is optimized and compressed by the proxy servers before getting delivered on to your device. This improves the internet experience over slow data connections and also reduces the overall data usage. Moreover, Nokia Xpress is a free app for Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928, 1020 and other Nokia Lumia devices.

       It is available for a wide range of Nokia devices which include Symbian Series 40 and Nokia Belle platforms. However, for Nokia Lumia , it comes with a special feature wherein you can download files directly from the source to your Microsoft Skydrive account. It creates a folder called Nokia Xpress in your Skydrive account and saves the file in that folder.

     You also have the option to save the particular webpage for offline viewing. You simply have to choose the option 'add to magazine' which automatically appears once the page is loaded or you can select it from the menu options. This creates an entry on the Magazine tab of the application which you can use for offline viewing. For example, say you are on a news channel's website, simply add it to your magazine and you will have all the headlines displayed on that homepage with what ever summary is displayed.

How does this work?

      When you try to browse a URL say "", instead of hitting the host server for this website directly, your request is routed through the Nokia Xpress Proxy Servers, which in turn hits the requested website's server and then routes the entire data back to your phone. In doing so, the Nokia proxy server compress the data such as images, etc which get delivered to your phone thus saving the overall data usage.

     Hence, a typical usage for this browser would be a scenario where you need to download a bunch of files and forward them to your friends. So you use the Nokia Xpress Browser to download the files and as soon as you click the download link, you get an option to save to the Skydrive account. After your file is saved to Skydrive, you simply log on to Skydrive and email the files as attachments. Thus, you have saved a lot of data usage and time for the downloads to complete and then attaching them to emails and then sending using your Nokia Lumia.

    Nokia Xpress can be used for the above scenarios very well but it isn't a replacement for the native browser which is Internet Explorer 10. You might wish to limit the usage to normal file downloads and browsing the magazine, news websites to read articles etc. I would not suggest you to carry out transactions that include secure user data like banking transaction, official email access, etc. Although, Nokia assures via its privacy policy that none of the user data is stored or scanned for advertisement or other processing.

Download Nokia Xpress
                                           Download Link 1 ||| Download Link 2

Yahoo Chat App For Nokia Lumia 500, 501, 502, 505, 510, 520, 602, 603, 610, 620, 625, 710, 720, 800, 820, 900, 920, 925, 928, 1020

To Mobile:
      On your mobile phone browser go to and enter this download code: 5306

      The best version of this free mobile game, YAHOO CHAT!!!!, will be presented to you, and you will be asked if you wish to install it to your phone. Answer yes to each question. YAHOO CHAT!!!! will then be installed on your phone. The installation is done "over the air" (OTA). Your phone company may charge you a small download fee (data charges). This is based upon your data plan; none of that money goes to us. YAHOO CHAT!!!! is now ready to play!

To PC:

     Installation files (Tested with Nokia Lumia 710):
                                                   JAD file (yahoo_mobile_chat.jad)
                                                   JAR file (yahoo_mobile_chat.jar)
     (Not your phone? Click here.)

Transfer YAHOO CHAT!!!! from your computer to your phone via data cable or wireless (WIFI or Bluetooth). See your phone manual for details.

Facebook App For Windows Phone 8 Gets An Update

      The Facebook app on Nokia Lumia 920 got an update recently. This is a much awaited update for this application. There are many new design enhancements included. The best of all, chatting is now included within the application. The feeds are formatted to give you a comfortable and wholesome viewing experience. The images load faster than before and the comments open in a separate page such that the image does not need to load twice as it did before. The new design makes it easier to like/share/comment on posts. Changing your profile pictures has never been easier, you can now set any picture as your profile picture by checking a small check-box at the top when you are in the image view mode, however, you need to be tagged on to that picture to be able to set it as your profile picture.

     A new feature allows you to randomly change images on your idle screen. You can specify the album or customize the sources (form Facebook like 'Photos of you') from where the images need to be picked up. The whole GUI looks much better than before and it is much easier to use now. There is also a feature that lets you refresh your feeds by shaking the phone. In case you wish to refresh with shaking, simply pull down the feeds page at the initial position and leave it.

    This WP8 Facebook application happens to be the best version that is available currently if compared with iOS or Android. Do visit the Windows Phone Store and install this free application which indeed makes WP8 worth a shot.

Download Facebook for Windows Phone 8

                                                     Download Link 1 ||| Download Link 2

Note: This Facebook App for Nokia Lumia 500, 501, 502, 505, 510, 520, 602, 603, 610, 620, 625, 710, 720, 800, 820, 900, 920, 925, 928, 1020

Free download Solo full for Android phone - Android's most popular virtual guitar app

     Get Solo, Android's most popular virtual guitar for awesome mobile guitar fun! With Solo you can play to your favourite songs, or create some of your own...
     It's ideal for jamming sessions when you don't have your guitar with you, or an excellent reference for when you do!

      Features include:

* Classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, each with authentic sound
* A huge chord library with chord diagrams - hear and see how each chord is played.
* Create your own chords
* Play along to any music loaded on your phone
* Get chord and lyric overlays from the web - excellent for teaching yourself new songs to play (this feature is provided via a free add-on app)
* Play with a capo to fit your vocal range
* Create, load and save chord layouts for your favourite songs
* Customize the UI to fit your playing style
* Use multitouch on supported devices
* Uses Immersion’s MOTIV haptic effects for advanced haptic feedback
* Great for S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note
     Free Download:

                 Download Link 1 ||| Download Link 2 ||| Download Link 3 ||| Download Link 4

Free Download Apps and Games for Nokia Lumia 500, 501, 502, 505, 510, 520, 602, 603, 610, 620, 625, 710, 720, 800, 820, 900, 920, 925, 928, 1020

    Below is List Apps and Games Download for Nokia Lumia 500, 501, 502, 505, 510, 520, 602, 603, 610, 620, 625, 710, 720, 800, 820, 900, 920, 925, 928, 1020

         - Nokia Xpress Browser for Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928, 1020
         - Big File Downloader App Free Download For Windows Phone

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