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How to access blocked facebook

     According to CNet page and has been widely confirmed fact, a version for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet of Facebook remains stable operation while the web version of the problem. A lot of people get the message "Page does not exist".

     Error messages of Facebook:

     Here are ways to fix not login into Facebook:

1. Change the hosts file.

- Firstly, you need to change DNS to Google DNS (or OpenDNS).

- The next step is adding the IP and facebook address into host file of Windows.

+ Access C:|Windows|system32|drivers|etc.

+ At this folder, open the file hosts by  Notepad or Wordpad.

+ Add the below information and then save it.


     Then you will be happy with Facebook right now for sure.

     In case you feel quite complicated to do the above steps, I recommend you download the .EXE file below. Then Extract, choose Yes to overwrite the current host file in your Windows. This file is available in both XP and Seven Windows version.

For Mac users:

     Open Terminal, copy the text below and paste in:

          sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts

     Press Enter, log in with your adminitrative account. At the Text Editor appearing, copy the text above containing the IP and Facebook address and paste between the first and the last line. localhost

   insert here broadcasthost

2.  Using software support

       Software support to the blocked sites (including Facebook) is currently the best software UltraSurf and Hotspot Shield. You download the software to your computer, run the software when you want to login facebook

    Download UltraSurf at here:

    Download Hotspot Shield at here:

How to Convert Image into another Format

     As we know, actually there are many images formats such as BMP, DIB, GIF, JPC, JPEG, PCD, PNG, etc. But images format is often used is PNG, GIF, BMP and JPG.
    If your image file is not in accordance with the format you want, you can change the image format converter. There are many tools that can be used freely. You can use online tool or using the software converter.
    Here are review and tutorial some tools that can be used to change the image format.

Online Image Converter
    1. Online-Utility.Org Image Converter
     Online-Utility.Org support over 100 major image formats and this tool is very easy to use.
  • Open Online-Utility.Org  image converter at this link:
  • Select the output format  and Upload the image to be converted
  • Click “convert and download” button. Then download the image that has been converted.
    2. CoolUtils Image Converter
    CoolUtils Image Converter only support these image format are: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF or ICO. And maximum image size can be converter on this website is 700kb. To convert image using this online is easy, for example: you need to convert a JPG file into GIF.
  • Open webisite
  • Use the “Browse” button to select the source JPG file on your local PC
  • Then click the “Convert to GIF” link.
  • And download image that has been converted. Done
     3. IAZA Image Converter only support for image format that is DIF, JPG, PNG and BMP.
  • To use IAZA image converter open :
  • Click upload image the upload image to be converted
  • Click load and then Click “Convert to ….” Link
  • Download the image that has been converted by right click the image and save in your PC.

Convert Image using Software
1.  Adobe Photoshop
Adobe is my favorite software. I often convert images using this software. To convert image using Photoshop follow this steps:
  • Open image to be converted using Photoshop
  • Click “file – save for web”. On the setting select image format and click save button. Done

2. Pixillion Image Converter Software
Pixillion is a free graphics converter and available for Windows and Pocket PC. Pixillion sopprt this image format: .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .BMP, .JP2, .PSD, .TGA, .PCX, .TIF, .TIFF, .WBMP, .RAS, .PGF, .PPM, .DNG, .RAF, .CRW, .CR2, .KDC, .DCR, .MRW, .NEF, .ORF, .PTX, .PEF, .ARW, .SRF, .X3F, .ERF, .MEF, .MOS, .RAW, .R3D.
To use Pixillion Image Converter, click “Add File” with plus icon, then select image to be converted (You can select more than one file). Click convert button to start converting the images.
Download Pixillion Image Converter Software

3. Total image converter
Total image converter is not free software but we can use this software without any restriction. To use this software is easy, just  Select image to be coverted, Select image format output then click start to convert the image. Images that have been converted will be stored in the same folder with the original image.

Total image converter can be downloaded from website
Other Image Converter Software
Actually there are many software can be use to convert images such as: ACDSee, GIMP or another, But I did not write down here.

How to Verify PayPal without Credit Card or Debit Card

      I previously imagined verifying PayPal account using a bank account is very difficult but it is very easy. Usually we verify PayPal account using credit card or debit card. Verify PayPal using a debit card or credit card only takes a few hours the get your PayPal account verified. If you are using bank account to verify your PayPal account usually takes two to three days to make your PayPal account verified.
     Do you want to try to verify your PayPal account using a Bank Account? Follow the following steps:
  1. Login to your PayPal account then Open “my account Tab”. Go to “Profile” then click “Add/edit Bank Account”.  Click Add, complete all information needed. 
  2. PayPal will send an email that contain how to confirm your bank account and get PayPal verified. Several day later PayPal will add two small deposits to your bank account. (Usually after two days)
  3. Check your bank account deposit, if you see two small deposit now you ready to verify your PayPal.
  4. Log in to your PayPal account and click Confirm bank account on the Account Overview page. Enter the two small deposit to the form and confirm. Now your PayPal has verified
It’s good news to all PayPal users. Now we can verify PayPal account without a credit card or debit card.
     Note: Verify PayPal using Bank account not available on all countries, available only on certain countries. If you haven’t received an email from PayPal but you see two small deposit on your Bank account you can continue verify your PayPal account.
       Important: if you verified your PayPal using Bank account, your PayPal account cannot be used to shop online, can only be used to receive money and withdrawal

How to Get Free Domain Name .Com .Org or .Net for Free

        Like mentioned in previous post about “Is free domain profitable or not for you?” to get a free domain dot com, dot net or dot org you must read and understand term of service or term of conditions before register to get a domain name. There are two website that I recommended to get a free domain and HyperWebEnable. To get free domain name on the bot website is very easy just register on get the domain but in FreePremiumDomain.comyou must get minimal 9 referral to get one free domain dot com, dot net or dot org.
   In this article I will show for you how to get free domain in the both website and HyperWebEnable that provided dot com, dot net or dot org for free. Make sure, before register to get a free domain name on the both website you must understand with the Term of Service. Here how to get free domain name on and HyperWebEnable.

       A. How to get free domain name in
      In you can get .com, .org or .net domains up to two domain names. To get one domain name you must get 9 referral and to get two free domain name you must get 16 referrals or more. Here how to get the free domain in
  • Open website, and fill available registration form on the website. Check “I agree to the Terms of Service” then Click register button.  Done.
  • Promote you referral link. If you’ve got 9 referral you can get one free domain name.

      B. How to get Free domain name in HyperWebEnable
    On the HyperWebEnable you can get free domain name plus free web hosting. The hosting specs that you get if register free domain name on the HyperWebEnable “1GB space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, free renewal domain name, Technical support by email, free scripts installer and many again” but HyperWebEnable will place Ads on your website. To get a free domain name plus free hosting in hyperwebenable you can follow these steps:
  • Open
  • Click “get a website now” button or click Free Website page to get a free domain plus free hosting on HyperWebEnable
  • Fill the registration form and follow all steps till finish.
  • After submitted the form, your request will be review with HyperWebEnable. If your registration accepted or declined you’ll be notified by email that be used on the registration.

How To Use Video Chat on Facebook

       For free video chat service, a lot of people using Skype or Yahoo! Messenger application. There other alternative for free video chat service, that is video chat on Facebook.
     Facebook is a social media having a very chat facilities are often used by internet users. And at some time ago facebook released a live video chat feature for facebook. That is a feature where we can chatting or communicating with accompanied video in the communication process.

    In this case this facebook video chat in collaboration with Skype in applying the facebook video chat facility. There are a few things that needs to be setup in order to be able to enjoy the facilities that are interesting and worth a try.
     Please follows some steps below to use video chat on Facebook:
  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Then visit
  3. Please install the plugin on your computer.
  4. When it is finished, go to your friends chat and push the button as shown in the following figure:
         To enjoy this facility, the two people must be equally install plugins video chat on facebook in order to be able to do video chat.
      Chat activity is accompanied with a video display is very interesting to try on your facebook because besides we could see the face of people that chat with you, we can also treat nostalgia to someone that distance apart for us. Because basically this facebook video chat can make it easier for us to hang out and that much closer to the look of the pictures and videos in facebook chat.

List Top 10 Make Money Online Forums

       Forums are a good source of knowledge for everybody, and they are also important for you to stay abreast of information. Forums consist of various peoples from several parts of the world sharing their knowledge with each other.
make money online forum
       Are you really ready to make money online? Do you really need more info on making money online? Are you already making money online but you still want to expand your knowledge on the field? Then here are 10 major make money online forums for you to utilize. Try to participate in most of the make money online forums if not all and you will begin to see a boost of knowledge, and also within a short period of time you will already begin to see yourself as a guru.

       1. Money maker group forum:
This is a great forum with so many great people and experts from all over the world, mix with them, ask your questions and learn from them. They will surely help you.

       2. Money fan club:
This is another make money online forum, they have great Ideas and people to help you boost your knowledge.
       3. Dream Team Money:
This is another great make money online forum for you to utilize, it has great people (and not just ordinary people but experts). Join the forum, mix with them, share your opinions and also learn from them.

       4. Pinoy Money Talk:
This is also another great forum that talks about various ideas for making money online.

       5. Big Money Forum:
This is also another make money online forum.

       6. Online Money Making Forums:
Another make money online forum.

       7. Iran Java Forum:
This is also another great make money online forum; it has a lot of great ideas for you to benefit from.

       8. Warrior Forum:
This is also another great make money online forum for you all, it has lots of great experts from all over the world but for you to enjoy its full functionality you have to upgrade to its paid version for just $37 lifetime and I bet you will not be the same again.

       9. Guide Genius:
This is also another great make money online forum, try it out and enjoy the great stuffs.

      10. Young entrepreneurs making money online:
This is also a great making money online forum, even though it is tagged young entrepreneurs forum adults also surely will find something useful and beneficial.
      Do you love all the forums or you had an issue with anyone or there is any other one you think is not included, share your thoughts in the comment section and you will enjoy you did.

How to Install Skype Desktop Version on Windows 8?

        Recently, I installed Windows 8 on my computer. One of the few applications that I installed is Skype. I downloaded it directly through Windows Store. I searched for the installer initially from Skype official website but after I clicked on Get Skype for Windows 8 button, I was redirected to Windows Store.

       After I installed it, I was surprised that there’s no Skype shortcut icon created on desktop. That’s the only time I discovered that the Skype I installed was a
metro app. A metro app can be accessed through Metro UI (User Interface – Windows Start) and when you open it, it will take full screen. In short, you can’t open or minimize it on desktop.

       Skype metro app is not what I need. I always do multi-tasking. I want to be on the phone while doing some stuff like browsing the internet, writing documents, playing games and many more. But with metro app, I’m stuck to one program.

        I tried to find a way to install a desktop version of Skype. Luckily, I was able to find a workaround.

Installing Skype Desktop Version on Windows 8

      Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install Skype for Desktop on Windows 8. It is a great alternative for Skype metro app.

    - Step 1:
Download Skype for Desktop here:
    - Step 2:
Click “Learn about Skype for Windows Desktop” link. It is located below Get Skype for Windows 8 button.

      - Step 3:
Click “Get Skype for Windows Desktop Window”.
       If you are having trouble finding the download button, you may directly download Skype for Desktop installer from this link:

      - Step 4:
Run SkypeSetup.exe then proceed with the installation.

        If you get User Account Control warning, click Yes.

    - Step 5:
Installation will take a few minutes to finish. The program will create a Skype shortcut icon on your desktop automatically. The icon will be added on metro apps list as well. See example.

       You can click the Skype icon from Metro UI and the program will open on your desktop.

       If you initially installed Skype metro app, there might be two Skype shortcut icons that will show on Metro UI (Windows Start). Always click on Skype for desktop for your convenience.

Skype for Desktop Compatibility Issue

       You might ask if there will be a problem if you install Skype for Desktop on Windows 8. The answer is no. Even though Windows 8 is not included on the compatible Operating Systems on Skype for Desktop download page, it doesn't mean that the program won’t run on 8. You can install it anytime without getting errors.

How to Fix AdFly Error Cookies Not Enabled?

Error Message: Cookies Not Enabled

To be able to view this link, please enable Cookies in your internet browser. You also need Adobe Flash Player installed, this can be downloaded from here.

       Have you encountered this error message after clicking an shortcut URL from a certain website?

      Nowadays, a lot of bloggers and web site owners are creating AdFly URLs and put those on their websites to earn cash like video and download sites. This AdFly URLs redirect visitors to another URL which contains advertisement. When Skip button is clicked, the visitor will then be redirected to the targeted URL link.

      Some people hate ads mostly those obscene. Though AdFly URLs are inevitable, some are using AdBlocker to prevent these URLs from showing ads. I also did the same thing because some ads from AdFly are pornographic and I’m afraid that my friends or my sisters might experience the same when they used my computer without my knowledge.

      AdBlocker causes conflict with AdFly sometimes like the error provided above. It’s very easy to fix. You know on yourself whether cookies are blocked on your browser settings or not. I already encountered the same error many times and I’m confident that the issue is not with my browser settings. You may check your browser settings if cookies are really turned off.

      Alternatively, you can do the following fixes below:

      - Solution 1: Refresh the whole page (F5).

      - Solution 2: Delete Cookies. If you don’t know how to delete cookies on your browser, kindly search for a guide on

      - Solution 3: Re-launch internet browser.

      Number 1 fix will usually resolve the error most of the time.

      Caution: Don’t attempt to click the link on the AdFly error message. If you need to update Flash Player, visit Adobe Flash Player official website instead.