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Software for Christmas 2013

     Christmas Christmas is coming and so many of you want to decorate your desktop with beautiful effects create a warm atmosphere on the PC. Later I would like to share with you the Christmas decorations desktop software and Noel
    1. MerryChristmas - Desktop Screen effect snow.
      Your screen will look better with the continuous snowfall effect, you can adjust the density and grain size of snow. View a demo offline:
    * Download MerryChristmas :

       2. Christmas - Christmas Tree:
        This is a Christmas tree decorated utility flashlight, beautiful images. Specifically, you can set the tree in any place on your desktop. View demo offline:
  * Download Christmas Tree :

     3.Pulling reindeer
        Christmas An old man took off on the flashing red nose reindeer fun and will be enjoyed with children. You can right click and set the necessary adjustments. View a demo offline:
  Download The drag reindeer :

Software for Valentine's Day 2013

      Upcoming Valentine's Day you're interested in my girlfriend but do not neglect to "love" your second that! Make sure your computer will be very sad if you are not interested in them. But be assured that the following software will help you decorate your computer makes it much more splendid.

      Here is the link to download:
        1. I Love You software:
      This software does not require installation. It can create a lot of heart symbol and the words "I love you" on the screen looks very nice. You can donate Software for "him" of you is great. Here is the link to download:

       2. Free Valentine's Day Screensaver 1.0
A screensaver with images of a warm Valentine's day ... Here is the link to download:

       3. Collection Valentine theme icon
        Collection with a heart-shaped symbol, card, envelope, roses help you decorate your desktop look treatment ngĩnh and lively and meaningful Valentine's Day. Any Windows compatible program, Link to download:

         4. Happy Note! Valentine 1:00: happy Valentine's Day
      Two hearts are fun on the screen and give each other the kiss passionately. Program together with the boisterous background music, fun Valentine's day. Happy Note! Valentine runs immediately without installation, all Windows compatible, free download at the link below: