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Download BB FlashBack Pro Full - Screen Recording Software Best Free

       BB FlashBack Professional is a screen recording application for creating tutorials, demonstrations or training material. What's new in BB FlashBack 4: Fade Transitions - Now you can add transition effects to join clips when creating your movie. Add them during editing, or let the software add them automatically when inserting a BB FlashBack movie or video file. Gallery - Simplify the editing workflow by creating a gallery of in-movie annotations like textboxes, images, highlights etc. You can just drag objects in and out of the gallery to save them and add them to a movie. The gallery includes a range of annotations to get you started. Blur Tool - Blur out sensitive details in a movie - great for creating movies that feature sensitive or personal data. Record-time Notes - Make notes during recording and see them as textboxes in the movie. Just move the cursor to the top of the screen and start typing into the popup Notes window. Recording will auto-pause and restart when you've finished. Export to GIF format - For easy embedding into Web pages.

       Other features in BB FlashBack Pro include: One-click upload to YouTube, and Revver, Undo and Redo, QuickTime (H264) Exports, Support for Flash Video (FLV) Format, Flash Export Improvements, (full-screen modem, enhanced playback and volume controls, greater control over movie download and playback), Import of AVI or WMV as a webcam video. Other features include Pan & Zoom, Precision Sound Editing, Webcam Capture, Action Buttons, Vista Capture Driver, Recording Wizard, Highlight Tool, Mouse Movement Correction. Add text, images, sound, webcam and spoken commentary, and use the extensive editing functions to create a high quality presentation. Movies can be exported to Flash, AVI, WMV, PPT or EXE for use on a CD-ROM, over a network or on the web. Typically, users can be creating professional movies with BB FlashBack in minutes. Example movies created with BB FlashBack can be found on our website.

    Free Dowload (Full):      Download Link 1 ||| Download Link 2

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This is the video when I use BB FlashBack Pro Visit advertisements appear on video to thank me for this article. Thanks you!

How to access blocked facebook

     According to CNet page and has been widely confirmed fact, a version for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet of Facebook remains stable operation while the web version of the problem. A lot of people get the message "Page does not exist".

     Error messages of Facebook:

     Here are ways to fix not login into Facebook:

1. Change the hosts file.

- Firstly, you need to change DNS to Google DNS (or OpenDNS).

- The next step is adding the IP and facebook address into host file of Windows.

+ Access C:|Windows|system32|drivers|etc.

+ At this folder, open the file hosts by  Notepad or Wordpad.

+ Add the below information and then save it.


     Then you will be happy with Facebook right now for sure.

     In case you feel quite complicated to do the above steps, I recommend you download the .EXE file below. Then Extract, choose Yes to overwrite the current host file in your Windows. This file is available in both XP and Seven Windows version.

For Mac users:

     Open Terminal, copy the text below and paste in:

          sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts

     Press Enter, log in with your adminitrative account. At the Text Editor appearing, copy the text above containing the IP and Facebook address and paste between the first and the last line. localhost

   insert here broadcasthost

2.  Using software support

       Software support to the blocked sites (including Facebook) is currently the best software UltraSurf and Hotspot Shield. You download the software to your computer, run the software when you want to login facebook

    Download UltraSurf at here:

    Download Hotspot Shield at here:

How to Fix Bad Sectors on the Hard Disk

         The Hard Disk is the storage media that we often use to store important data whether it be a file, image, video, mp3 and so on which we can use again. However, in some cases the age of the hard disk and hard disk damage factors/bad sector sometimes we cannot avoid.
         Therefore, the slowness of the computer when accessed or there is some files are corrupt when you copy you need to beware there’s a chance your Hard Disk is bad sectors.
     Bad sectors are a condition where on the hard disk of our computer there are some damage resulting in corrupt files and slow when accessed.
    There 2 bad sectors, namely:
  1. Mechanical/physical bad sectors that can happen as a result of the collision, scratched etc. resulted in the destruction of the physical shape of the slab of hard disk.
  2. Bad sectors software can occur when har disk is busy going then electrycity dead and decided the current flow electricity to our computers resulted in damage to the software on a hard disk and others.
     Signs of a troubled hard disk is the Hard Disk which reads, unreadable and is troubled with speed.
     The following will be discussed how to restore back the Hard Disk has affected bad sectors by using software applications that are easy to use and free to download, the name is Easeus Partition Manager.
        A software to repair bad sectors that are easy to use and able to repair damaged hard disks due to bad sectors.
       Prerequisite: Before doing the process of repair bad sectors on your hard disk to make sure that your data has been backed up in advance, to avoid loss of data.
  • Download and run the application Easeus Partition Manager on your computer.
  • Select the partitions on your Hard Disk are roughly exposed to bad sectors then right click delete-> Delete your partition, delete data.
  • Then click the Apply button.

Guide ghost computer from USB (very simple)

    Sometimes you want to  ghost  the machine to run for "like new", for smoother but do not have the disc in hand Ghost, at this very hard.

        This article will guide you to your computer ghost that just the one USB drive 1GB or larger bit
    The first one is the need to prepare the following:
  1. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool   to format the USB boot from Dos!
  2. Boot files   to create bootable USB
  3. File ghost ver 11.0.0 for DOS  boot dc, run ghost files into the new!
       And of course there is one USB storage anymore about 1GB (900MB is OK  How very simple ghost from USB - Image 2)
Free Download at here:

 Manipulation instructions:
            Step 1:  Plug your USB and run the file  HPUSBFW.EXE  you downloaded above on:
          In the  Format Options you tick  Quick Format  and  Create a DOS startup disk  , click the button 3 dots (...) to browse to the folder  Boot files  like on TV, I to this folder in C drive
         Then you click the button  Start  to format.
         Step 2:  Once Format is complete, copy the file you  Ghost.exe  into USB
         Step 3:  Restart your computer and choose boot from USB (press F9)
         Command window pops up (with black color) you type the command  ghost  or  Ghost.exe  then enter
         - Note: Some machines have BIOS in various ways (to choose where to boot from the front). Here is one of the shortcuts to the BIOS
  1. F2
  2. F9
  3. F12
  4. F8
  5. F10
  6. Del
  7. Alt Del
        You can try the video on the computer when it starts up just
         In the BIOS, choose the Boot menu, and then see what boot from  USB  or  external ...  then select it and then save the
         Step 4:  Now it has to be ghost, if the ghost who do not know or forgot, you should be careful, not to go to the end of the data in the hard drive How very simple ghost from USB - Image 4
       - For the ghost (with file. GHO) then select  Local => Partition  (not the dentist Disk, Teo is not the hard drive)  => From Image
       - To create ghost files (used when you want the computer to create ghost time) then select  Local => Parttition => To Image  => then choose where to save the finished

How to Recover Deleted Windows Library Shortcut Icon on Windows 7?

      Is Windows Library shortcut icon missing in between Internet Explorer and Media Player icons on your Windows 7 taskbar? You're wondering as to why it's gone suddenly. Or, it might be that you have deleted it accidentally.

     If you are looking for a guide on how to recover or re-create the Windows Library shortcut icon, then you're on the right place. I'll give you two options on how to do that. It's very easy. All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step guide provided below.

     Option 1: Via Personalization Window
    - Step 1: Right-click on an empty space on your desktop.

    - Step 2: Select Personalize among the drop-down options.

    - Step 3: Under Personalization window, click Change desktop icons link at the left-hand corner.

    - Step 4: Put a check mark on Computer then click Apply - OK.

    - Step 5: Check for the Computer Icon on your desktop. See example.  

    - Step 6: Click then drag it to Windows taskbar. 

An example of created Libraries shortcut link on Windows 7 desktop     - Step 7: It will be automatically pinned on the taskbar. Now, you'll see the same Windows Library shortcut that was deleted on the taskbar shortcut list. 

      When you click it, you will be redirected to your files library.

Alternative Method: Creating Libraries - Shortcut Link
     Aside from the steps provided above, you may also follow the following steps below to create Windows Library shortcut on taskbar in case you deleted it or it is suddenly missing.
    - Step 1: Click Windows Orb or Windows Start.

    - Step 2: Click Computer in between Games and Control Panel.

    - Step 3: Click Libraries tab (the one with black arrow). Drag and An example of created Libraries shortcut link on Windows 7 desktopdrop it to your desktop. It will create a shortcut link on your desktop afterwards. See example.

    - Step 4: Same with Step 6 above, drag the created Libraries shortcut link to Windows taskbar and it will be pinned automatically.

How to Fix Bad Sector on Western Digital SATA HDDs?

   Hard disk drive is one of the most important component of a CPU. The operating system and all of your files are saved on it. Most people hate when their hard drives crashed suddenly. Like what happened on mine.

      Recently, Windows doesn't boot up any longer (Error: \boot\BCD 0xc00000e9). It keeps on repairing start-up as well as the disk errors. If you have experienced the same thing, you might have experienced waiting for the repair setup to finish for a couple of hours and yet it doesn't resolve the issue. You'll just find out in the end that your hard drive is failing.

      I never had a failing hard drive except for what happened to my 80GB Western Digital HDD. It is the only hard disk installed on my PC and all of my important files are saved on it. I brought it to the store where I originally bought it from and the technician informed me that the HDD crashed and it has a lot of bad sectors. Since I need to go online most of the time, I decided to buy a new hard drive (500GB). The technician informed me to connect my old hard drive as secondary after I installed Windows on the new hard drive. Just in case I'll be able to rescue my old files.

       So, I did a fresh installation of Windows 7 on the new hard drive and followed what the technician said. When I reboot the system, Windows detected the second hard drive and ran the CHKDSK automatically since it's corrupted. It ran for 15 minutes. Windows showed these common errors:

"File record is unreadable"
"Connecting error in index"
"Insufficient disk space"

      I let Windows finish checking the disk then it booted normally from the primary hard drive. I was so lucky to find out that I can still access the files on my old hard drive but I noticed some of it were already gone.

       Now, I don't have problems accessing the remaining files on my old hard drive but every time I reboot, CHKDSK always run. It always takes time. I tried to find another tool that can fix it permanently until I came across Western Digital's official website. I found a tool that can run a test and repair bad sectors on the SATA HDDs. It is called Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows. I was relieved when I discovered it. It's very easy to use and it is the silver bullet to the problem on my old hard drive. It repaired all bad sectors. In the end, it was able to fix all the errors on the hard disk. Everything went back to normal. Now, I have 580GB of hard disk space in total.

      If you own a Western Digital SATA HDD and you have issues with it like mine, you can try using Download Data Lifeguard to fix it. Here's a guide for you to follow.

     Fixing Bad Sectors on SATA HDDs
     - Step 1: Download Data LifeGuard Diagnostic ( here:
Data LifeGuard Diagnostic tool is available both in Mac and Windows.

     - Step 2: Extract

     - Step 3: Inside WinDlg_124 folder, run WinDlg.exe as administrator (Right click - Run as administrator).

    - Step 4: Put a check mark on I accept this License Agreement.

    - Step 5: Click Next. Let the program detect the installed hard drives on your PC.

    - Step 6: Select and highlight the hard disk drive that you want to run a test.

    - Step 7: Click the run test button or the icon after the word Click.

Caution: Make sure that to close any files saved on the hard disk before running a test.

    - Step 8: In DLGDIAG - Select An Option window, choose EXTENDED Test.

    - Step 9: Click Start. Depending on the hard disk volume, the test might run over an hour. A typical 80GB Western Digital HDD can be tested within 35-40 minutes.

    - Step 10: Wait for the test to finish.

    - Step 11: Click Repair.

    - Step 12: Wait for the confirmation that the hard disk drive repair is completed.

How to Install Skype Desktop Version on Windows 8?

        Recently, I installed Windows 8 on my computer. One of the few applications that I installed is Skype. I downloaded it directly through Windows Store. I searched for the installer initially from Skype official website but after I clicked on Get Skype for Windows 8 button, I was redirected to Windows Store.

       After I installed it, I was surprised that there’s no Skype shortcut icon created on desktop. That’s the only time I discovered that the Skype I installed was a
metro app. A metro app can be accessed through Metro UI (User Interface – Windows Start) and when you open it, it will take full screen. In short, you can’t open or minimize it on desktop.

       Skype metro app is not what I need. I always do multi-tasking. I want to be on the phone while doing some stuff like browsing the internet, writing documents, playing games and many more. But with metro app, I’m stuck to one program.

        I tried to find a way to install a desktop version of Skype. Luckily, I was able to find a workaround.

Installing Skype Desktop Version on Windows 8

      Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install Skype for Desktop on Windows 8. It is a great alternative for Skype metro app.

    - Step 1:
Download Skype for Desktop here:
    - Step 2:
Click “Learn about Skype for Windows Desktop” link. It is located below Get Skype for Windows 8 button.

      - Step 3:
Click “Get Skype for Windows Desktop Window”.
       If you are having trouble finding the download button, you may directly download Skype for Desktop installer from this link:

      - Step 4:
Run SkypeSetup.exe then proceed with the installation.

        If you get User Account Control warning, click Yes.

    - Step 5:
Installation will take a few minutes to finish. The program will create a Skype shortcut icon on your desktop automatically. The icon will be added on metro apps list as well. See example.

       You can click the Skype icon from Metro UI and the program will open on your desktop.

       If you initially installed Skype metro app, there might be two Skype shortcut icons that will show on Metro UI (Windows Start). Always click on Skype for desktop for your convenience.

Skype for Desktop Compatibility Issue

       You might ask if there will be a problem if you install Skype for Desktop on Windows 8. The answer is no. Even though Windows 8 is not included on the compatible Operating Systems on Skype for Desktop download page, it doesn't mean that the program won’t run on 8. You can install it anytime without getting errors.