Handyscan - Free Download Document Scanner App for Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia

       Handyscan for Windows Phone is the perfect app to scan your important documents and keep a copy on your Windows mobile device for safekeeping. With Handyscan you can capture almost everything that comes to mind: contracts, comics, notes, journals, newspaper articles, family photos, and even post-its.

      Handyscan is a personal document scanner for your Windows Phone that uses the phone's camera to scan and save documents. Handyscan is a great option for those looking for a document scanner. With Windows Phone scanner app Handyscan you can scan a document and save it on your device, and also to keep Dropbox or SkyDrive, and even send it via email (paid version).

       Handyscan is the ideal tool to scan capture any physical document, whether text or photo, to our device, with options to align the document, cut into even add text. We scan multiple pages per document. The management of the application is quite simple. Just start Handyscan folder appears where you store scans performed. To register a new one, just press the + button. The good thing about this application is that it allows document capture whatever, without having to use both hands, as focuses and takes the picture automatically. Also, right after performing this action, it is possible to modify the proportions of the scan, so that an image that has not been photographed in front can it can change the perspective and make comfortable reading or viewing.

      Key features:
        - You can scan any type of physical document very easily.
        - Besides being able to optimize the scanned images.
        - You can use the zoom to enlarge or shrink images.
        - Enables you to align the scanned sheet if you scan it instantly moved out.
        - You can add text, this way is very useful to fill forms without the need for a pen.
        - You can scan multiple pages and save them all in one document.
        - Also enables you assemble collages a few scans to a similar page.
        - You can export and import images from this gallery
        - You can scan signatures, electronically sign documents with your scanned signatures

    There are two versions of the app. One is free and another paid. Follow the below links to get the latest version of Windows Phone scanner app Handyscan from Windows Phone Marketplace:

Download Handyscan Windows Phone App (FREE)

Download Handyscan Windows Phone App ($2.99)

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