Download SurfCube 3D Browser, a browser free with 3D interface for Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia

      SurfCube 3D for Windows Phone is a web browser that stands out for its interface that puts the navigation display in one of the faces of a cube. Dragging your finger across the screen can switch sides of the cube. On the left side you can find the browser options, in the right tabs are managed and displayed in the upper address bar to search or open a new site.

     SurfCube 3D Windows Phone browser supports HTML5 with some other extra features. The browser includes a private browsing mode, not to keep pages in history visits, and has a way of saving bandwidth. With this mode, you can, for example, disable image loading for those sites that do not have mobile version.
Windows Phone browser SurfCube can save a list of favorite pages and add some of them to the home screen for direct access when loading a new tab. The browser continues to run behind the lock screen so when you turn on the phone again, appears instantly. Since it includes support for HTML5, you can display YouTube videos without using an external program.

    Its main features are:
       - Mode reading portal: You can configure any website allowing open links in new tabs or default background.
       - It offers full compatibility with HTML5.
       - It offers you the ability to share a page via email, Twitter, Facebook , Windows Live and LinkedIn.
       - It includes support for landscape and orientation vertically.
       - It offers options such as orientation lock, anchor pages Start menu, Desktop mode, search, etc..
       - It includes the history where you can find the sites you've visited in a simple and fast.
       - Accounts with a way of saving bandwidth for sites that do not have a mobile mode, and this mode can be switched off for a quick navigation and low cost.
       - It allows you to save images to your mobile.
       - It supports platforms for Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone 8.

      SurfCube now available in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for $ 1.99. A fully functional trial is also available, allowing the browser to open 20 times for free so that users are required to purchase the application.

Download SurfCube 3D Browser free
Download SurfCube 3D Browser Pro

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