Download Samsung's ATIV Beam - App For NFC Sharing Between Windows Phone And Android

     Samsung launches ATIV Beam a new application exclusively for Windows Phone 8, which allows the user to transfer files of any type (photos, music, videos or documents) using NFC technology easily with Android devices that support this technology.

     Ativ Beam is an application developed by Samsung for its terminals with Windows Phone 8. Ativ Beam for Windows Phone 8 device is for sending files from your Windows Phone 8 to any other Android device via NFC. Obviously the NFC version must be compatible between the devices to succeed in sending.  With this application we can share pictures, music, documents and videos from our Samsung Windows Phone 8 to an Android terminal with NFC available. When this feature is enabled, you can share photos, documents, music and videos playing to another Android device support NFC. Please make sure that the state of sharing by NFC is enabled on the setting of "Zoom and send" (Tap + Send).

     Samsung Ativ Beam for Windows Phone is designed to use the NFC that has the phone and is a very useful file transfer application for Windows Phone but only with Samsung devices. In fact many Android users already enjoy this feature that allows us to move photos and documents from one device to another in a matter of seconds. Now you can share files from your Samsung Windows Phone 8 device with your friends and family using Android phones.

     The application is very simple, but functional. This app is exclusive to Samsung devices equipped with Windows Phone 8.

     Samsung recently updated Ativ Beam to version The new version requires the user to update the software to make use of its functions, which indicates that either its developers have done a good job or that the update GDR2 is very close and have been rushing to update the application.

     You can download this wonderful application from the Windows Phone store.

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