Nokia Xpress Browser for Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928, 1020

       Nokia Xpress Browser on Nokia Lumia is a fine step towards cloud services by Nokia. It is much like the Opera browser wherein the internet traffic is optimized and compressed by the proxy servers before getting delivered on to your device. This improves the internet experience over slow data connections and also reduces the overall data usage. Moreover, Nokia Xpress is a free app for Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928, 1020 and other Nokia Lumia devices.

       It is available for a wide range of Nokia devices which include Symbian Series 40 and Nokia Belle platforms. However, for Nokia Lumia , it comes with a special feature wherein you can download files directly from the source to your Microsoft Skydrive account. It creates a folder called Nokia Xpress in your Skydrive account and saves the file in that folder.

     You also have the option to save the particular webpage for offline viewing. You simply have to choose the option 'add to magazine' which automatically appears once the page is loaded or you can select it from the menu options. This creates an entry on the Magazine tab of the application which you can use for offline viewing. For example, say you are on a news channel's website, simply add it to your magazine and you will have all the headlines displayed on that homepage with what ever summary is displayed.

How does this work?

      When you try to browse a URL say "", instead of hitting the host server for this website directly, your request is routed through the Nokia Xpress Proxy Servers, which in turn hits the requested website's server and then routes the entire data back to your phone. In doing so, the Nokia proxy server compress the data such as images, etc which get delivered to your phone thus saving the overall data usage.

     Hence, a typical usage for this browser would be a scenario where you need to download a bunch of files and forward them to your friends. So you use the Nokia Xpress Browser to download the files and as soon as you click the download link, you get an option to save to the Skydrive account. After your file is saved to Skydrive, you simply log on to Skydrive and email the files as attachments. Thus, you have saved a lot of data usage and time for the downloads to complete and then attaching them to emails and then sending using your Nokia Lumia.

    Nokia Xpress can be used for the above scenarios very well but it isn't a replacement for the native browser which is Internet Explorer 10. You might wish to limit the usage to normal file downloads and browsing the magazine, news websites to read articles etc. I would not suggest you to carry out transactions that include secure user data like banking transaction, official email access, etc. Although, Nokia assures via its privacy policy that none of the user data is stored or scanned for advertisement or other processing.

Download Nokia Xpress
                                           Download Link 1 ||| Download Link 2

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