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       As the name suggests, Big File Downloader is a Windows Phone app that enables you to download files up-to 2 GB in size while most apps limit this size to merely 100 MB. Windows Phone 8 does not allow media files to be saved when accessed from the browser and directly starts streaming. This is a pretty bad functionality which is expected to change in future. However, until that happens, this application comes to a great rescue. This is a basic download manager which is still early in its development and helps you download media files using the download links and retain them and view them at your own leisure time. This app is also supported on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

      Big File Downloader supports redirected URLs as well, however, authentication support is still not supported. Having said that in case you are downloading the file from a secure server and you have the server opened in the phone browser, even the URLs requiring server authentication seem to work. The application does not have the resume support for your downloads which may get implemented soon. The app provides you options wherein you can prevent your phone from locking and getting into the idle mode to ensure your download is not interrupted.

      The application's storage space is limited by the total size of your phone. For example, if your phone has 8 GB of free space, the application can store media files upto 8 GB. The files once downloaded appear in a list in the application. You can tap on it and the file plays in the native media player. Also, you can download any media type, however, it will play in the native media player as long as it is supported by the Windows Phone 8 OS. To delete the files, simply long press on the file and select 'Delete'. The files downloaded in the app cannot be accessed from any other application or appear in the media hub on the phone which too might get implemented soon. However, this limitation might be a boon in disguise for all your naughty needs. This is a free app in the Windows Store and definitely worth a try. This application works best on high internet speeds, preferably, 3G and WiFi.

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