How to make money with donkeymails?

       DonkeyMails is paid to read (PTR) and paid to click (PTC) site that pays users for reading e-mails and clicking on ads. DonkeyMails has been online since 2005 and currently has over 625,000 registered members.
       Low Minimum & Fixed Cashout  - You only need $1 to cashout with Payza and PayPal No Minimum Payout

How to earn money with donkeymails?

1. Paid to Read Emails, PTP

     This is one of the most profitable things to do in DonkeyMails. You are given messages in your inbox and all you have to do is to click the link under the paid ad and you will be credited for viewing the ad on your inbox. Viewing the ads on the emails have higher rates (usually $.0025) than the paid-to-click program.

2. Paid to Click, PTC

     One of the most common ways of online earning is the paid to click scheme. DonkeyMails’ paid to click scheme pays a lot less than its paid to read emails scheme. On the upside, there are a lot of ads to click in its paid to click scheme so you may be able to earn quite a few cents. Ads to view are aplenty but usually pay just a few cents (normally $.001) but it really adds up due to the large number of ads available for viewing.

3. Paid to Signup, PTSU

     The paid to signup offers of DonkeyMails provide high returns. The free signup offers range from $0.10-$0.12 per successful signup.

4. Get Paid to Review, GPTR

     Get paid to review is just a variation of paid to click and paid to sign up. There will be instructions given to you on what to do, either to go to a site and signup or view an ad, answer a question in order to confirm if you really did what you were told, and rate the site from 1-5. You may earn some cents or points depending on the offer.

5. Get Paid to Promote, GPTP

     All you have to do is to promote your referral link on other websites. You get 2,000 points per1,000 unique views which can be exchanged for cash ($0.50).

6. Referrals, Affiliate Program

      Members will earn 10% of their direct referral earnings, 5% of their indirect referral level earnings, 3% of their 3rd level referral earnings, 2% of their 4th level referral earnings and 1% of their 5th level referral earnings. No Minimum Payout

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