How to check google pagerank for website and blog

     PageRank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page. It's one of many factors used to determine which pages appear in search results.

    How Important Is PageRank?
    PageRank is one of many factors that determines where your web page appears in search result ranking, but if all other factors are equal, PageRank can have significant impact on your Google rankings. 

    How Can I See PageRank?

     PageRank is measured on a scale of one to ten and assigned to individual pages within a website, not the entire website. To find the PageRank of a page, use Very few pages have a PageRank of 10, especially as the number of pages on the Internet increases.

   Enter your link to the page, and click the Check PR:

     Enter the anti-bot code, then click verify now, this is the result:

      At the time of article submission, blog PR is 0, the cause is due to the new blog was built and more importantly I don't backlink building for it

     How Can I Increase My PageRank?

      If you'd like to increase your PageRank, you need to have "back-links," or other people linking to your website. You can trade links with other people, but make sure you only trade relevant links, and make sure you're not trading links with a link farm. You can register your website with directories, but use directories with high PageRank whenever possible.
     As you build web pages within your website, you can create some of your own back-links by linking to relevant pages within your own website. This is a technique you may notice on this website. However, remember that the number of links you create counts into the equation. Don't overdo it.
      The best way to increase your PageRank is to have quality content that other people want to link.


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