How to access blocked facebook

     According to CNet page and has been widely confirmed fact, a version for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet of Facebook remains stable operation while the web version of the problem. A lot of people get the message "Page does not exist".

     Error messages of Facebook:

     Here are ways to fix not login into Facebook:

1. Change the hosts file.

- Firstly, you need to change DNS to Google DNS (or OpenDNS).

- The next step is adding the IP and facebook address into host file of Windows.

+ Access C:|Windows|system32|drivers|etc.

+ At this folder, open the file hosts by  Notepad or Wordpad.

+ Add the below information and then save it.


     Then you will be happy with Facebook right now for sure.

     In case you feel quite complicated to do the above steps, I recommend you download the .EXE file below. Then Extract, choose Yes to overwrite the current host file in your Windows. This file is available in both XP and Seven Windows version.

For Mac users:

     Open Terminal, copy the text below and paste in:

          sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts

     Press Enter, log in with your adminitrative account. At the Text Editor appearing, copy the text above containing the IP and Facebook address and paste between the first and the last line. localhost

   insert here broadcasthost

2.  Using software support

       Software support to the blocked sites (including Facebook) is currently the best software UltraSurf and Hotspot Shield. You download the software to your computer, run the software when you want to login facebook

    Download UltraSurf at here:

    Download Hotspot Shield at here:

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