How to Get Free Domain Name .Com .Org or .Net for Free

        Like mentioned in previous post about “Is free domain profitable or not for you?” to get a free domain dot com, dot net or dot org you must read and understand term of service or term of conditions before register to get a domain name. There are two website that I recommended to get a free domain and HyperWebEnable. To get free domain name on the bot website is very easy just register on get the domain but in FreePremiumDomain.comyou must get minimal 9 referral to get one free domain dot com, dot net or dot org.
   In this article I will show for you how to get free domain in the both website and HyperWebEnable that provided dot com, dot net or dot org for free. Make sure, before register to get a free domain name on the both website you must understand with the Term of Service. Here how to get free domain name on and HyperWebEnable.

       A. How to get free domain name in
      In you can get .com, .org or .net domains up to two domain names. To get one domain name you must get 9 referral and to get two free domain name you must get 16 referrals or more. Here how to get the free domain in
  • Open website, and fill available registration form on the website. Check “I agree to the Terms of Service” then Click register button.  Done.
  • Promote you referral link. If you’ve got 9 referral you can get one free domain name.

      B. How to get Free domain name in HyperWebEnable
    On the HyperWebEnable you can get free domain name plus free web hosting. The hosting specs that you get if register free domain name on the HyperWebEnable “1GB space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, free renewal domain name, Technical support by email, free scripts installer and many again” but HyperWebEnable will place Ads on your website. To get a free domain name plus free hosting in hyperwebenable you can follow these steps:
  • Open
  • Click “get a website now” button or click Free Website page to get a free domain plus free hosting on HyperWebEnable
  • Fill the registration form and follow all steps till finish.
  • After submitted the form, your request will be review with HyperWebEnable. If your registration accepted or declined you’ll be notified by email that be used on the registration.


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