Guide remove/delete labels on new blogger interface

        Along with several other Google products, all blogger blogs have now been automatically upgraded to the new blogger interface. What's your take on it?
        A lot of  bloggers have been complaining about the new look and feel. They're most probably not used to it yet, i guess.
I had the same experience. However, with time and use, i must say kudos to Google.

        The new blogger user interface has a clean, sleek interface designed for a streamlined blogging experience. Not only does the new interface load faster, but it also has shortcuts to the most important blogging actions.
        I'll be putting you through on how to perform common actions in this new interface.

        One of the most common questions from bloggers is how to remove/delete labels. Simple!

        Go to your blogger dashboard, click on the posts page icon.

          On the upper right hand side of the Posts page, select the label name you wish to delete(Don't select "All Post"). All posts with that label will display.

       Select the posts you wish to delete the label from by selecting the checkbox beside them.
          Finally, on the upper left hand side of the page, just under "Showing posts filtered by label <Label Name>", click on the briefcase like icon as depicted on the image below.
        Then select the label name you wish to delete. This step automatically removes the label from all selected posts.

      I hope this helps! View video tutorials: