How to Fix AdFly Error Cookies Not Enabled?

Error Message: Cookies Not Enabled

To be able to view this link, please enable Cookies in your internet browser. You also need Adobe Flash Player installed, this can be downloaded from here.

       Have you encountered this error message after clicking an shortcut URL from a certain website?

      Nowadays, a lot of bloggers and web site owners are creating AdFly URLs and put those on their websites to earn cash like video and download sites. This AdFly URLs redirect visitors to another URL which contains advertisement. When Skip button is clicked, the visitor will then be redirected to the targeted URL link.

      Some people hate ads mostly those obscene. Though AdFly URLs are inevitable, some are using AdBlocker to prevent these URLs from showing ads. I also did the same thing because some ads from AdFly are pornographic and I’m afraid that my friends or my sisters might experience the same when they used my computer without my knowledge.

      AdBlocker causes conflict with AdFly sometimes like the error provided above. It’s very easy to fix. You know on yourself whether cookies are blocked on your browser settings or not. I already encountered the same error many times and I’m confident that the issue is not with my browser settings. You may check your browser settings if cookies are really turned off.

      Alternatively, you can do the following fixes below:

      - Solution 1: Refresh the whole page (F5).

      - Solution 2: Delete Cookies. If you don’t know how to delete cookies on your browser, kindly search for a guide on

      - Solution 3: Re-launch internet browser.

      Number 1 fix will usually resolve the error most of the time.

      Caution: Don’t attempt to click the link on the AdFly error message. If you need to update Flash Player, visit Adobe Flash Player official website instead.

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