Software to recover deleted files in usb

          This is a fast program to find and recover deleted files from the "trash" (Recycle Bin), deleted in DOS, delete the network or deleted from Windows Explorer in combination with the Shift key (delete is complete, the file is no longer inRecycle Bin).
       Undelete Plus recover all types of files in the hard disk format: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. In particular, Undelete Plus has the ability to recover deleted files from floppy disk with a very high probability of success.

How to use:
After start the program, click on My Computer (in the Drives window on the left) and select the drive to find. If you remember deleted files from any drive, select the drive, if you do not mind, select all drives and acceptance scan time (scan) longer. Next, click on the Start Scan button and wait for the program to detect deleted files, detection time depends on the size of your hard drive (drive has a large capacity will find longer).
 Once detection program status bar reaches 100%, the deleted files are listed in the Files box. Now that you simply check the box to select the file to recover, and then click Start Undelete to recover. By default, the recovery file will be written to the My Documents folder. If you want to write to another location, then press the Open button (or three dots) to select the drive or folder that contains the file.
 In the Sort By box you can sort the found files by filename (Filename), path (Path), size (Size), the status (Status), initialize (Date Created) and Revised (Date Modified). The arrangement makes it easy to find the files need to recover quickly. In addition, you can also click the name of the software (or program) that supports open file types to look at the Types dialog, for Undelete Plus display only certain file types to look for.

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